Tuesday, August 17, 2004

tech support and frustration

after about three days of me trying to make the computers in the house run wirelessly, i found a few odd things. like one tech support site said something along the lines of "if you can't connect online, click here for help". merr.. how can someone without internet click that link? also, i hate calling tech support. i never really liked it. but now i really hate it. i first bought a netgear router and it completely confused me and the tech support weren't very supportive so i returned it and got a d-link router. and after 5 hours of fiddling with it, calling both earthlink and d-link tech support, and pure dumb luck, i now have wireless internet! yay for sandra! but yeah, through my talks with various tech support guys, i realized that there are some who have thick accents and are short tempered, there are 15 other people who need tech support at the same time as you (10ish pm), and that it's monsoon season in india right now. but it's a sunny day today.

who's watching the olympics with me? the olympics even make ping pong really intense and exciting to watch. i missed the men's gymnastics though. i was trying to get to computer to work and forgot about it. boo.

i know i have more to say but i can't think of them right now.. i've been trying to post things but it wouldn't except my password when i had things i wanted to post. ah well. at least it worked today.

Monday, August 02, 2004

back at home

i'm back home now. yippie for me. i got to the airport at 930am ish with chris and elizabeth. i was coninental and they were both american. we got in line and i made it a race between the two airlines. i won. yippie! but also, american was 3 hrs delayed so it wasn't all that cool for them. i borded the plane and waited for take off. then at houston i waited 1/2 an hr for a parking spot for the plane. our plane had to fight against 2 british airways planes. after i deplaned, i rushed over to customs, got my luggage, went through a security check again, left my bags at th e side of a wall, then ran around the airport for my gate. all in 1/2 an hr. i got to the gate and found out the plane had just landed and would be a 1/2 hr late. so i waited around. then got on at 730 when i found out there's a mechanical problem that would take about 1/2 hr to fix. so i ran across the whole airport for nothing. not too happy about that. b/c while some women "glisten", i sweat like a hog. A HOG. but whatever. then i get to sfo at 1015. and home at 11 or so. fun trip home. but i found out that there was a flight to san jose that i wish i had known about since it's closer to home. ah well. elizabeth had it worse though. she flew from san jose, cr to miami, spent the night at chris', flew out of ft. lauderdale today at 7am, and got to minesota at noon. craziness.
but now i want to go back to cr to play more. and jealous of scott and joanne for being able to do that.