Monday, October 29, 2007

i took you for granted wall socket, mr. outlet

i'm sorry wall socket. mr. outlet.
i took you for granted.
there were times when i took advantage of you
connecting you to a power strip
making you power up seven different things at once

hi wall socket. hi mr. outlet.
please come back. i promise i be more grateful for all the work you do
my laptop misses you
my cell phone misses you too
but most of all, I miss you.

when you come back, i won't make you power up so many things at once
when you come back, i'll only plug things in when i really need you
when you come back, i won't take you for granted

wall socket. mr. outlet.
please talk to that faulty wire and become friends again
wall socket. mr. outlet.
please come back!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

i'm a squib

just like mrs. fig and hagrid are squibs in the magical world, I am a squib in the orthodox jewish world. i know alot of random words in hebrew/yiddish, i notice when people wear yamulkes or head covering, i understand the kosher food laws (and have cooked according to them), and i grow defensive of orthodoxy when people criticize them. I think i like being a squib.

sara asked me if i ever wonder how i got so immersed with orthodox judaism. i guess i couldn't help it since i stayed friends with the filler family and then got introduced to their friends and all. seems like a natural progression. it doesn't bother me. except when i'm searching for ppl to hang out with but it's either a holiday or friday/saturday.

i lost my wallet on thursday. i used it to pay for some groceries (it's pumpkin season, y'all!) and walked back to my apt. then friday was a bit gloomy and rainy so i didn't leave the apt (free wireless is the best!). then saturday rolls around and i need to find my wallet so i can take the bus over to sara's house for lunch. omg, i can't find it. i search everywhere, roommate starts searching, i re-search the same spots thinking that maybe it'll magically appear. we can't find it so we head over to sara's for lunch. it's nice so we went to central park for a picnic. then i go on a scavenger hunt along window sills and above the refrigerator for coins so i have bus fare to go back. i search again to no avail. i go online to see if my cards have been used (nope, thank god), call to cancel all my cards, get sad over losing the wallet, get annoyed that i don't have a license, student id, money, or metrocard anymore, worry about identity theft, then go to the police station to ask if anyone had turned in a wallet (right. in east harlem.) and then file a lost property claim. i think i'm saddest over losing my student id. it was still valid for another two years! my master plan was to use it until i have residency for two years then go to a jc here and get a new student id for who knows how long. yes. i'm cheap like that. but broadway shows are expensive!

p.s. this is not a big enough reason for me to pack up and move back to palo alto. it's a minor, insanely annoying, and worrisome hiccup.

Friday, October 19, 2007

we have internet!

we have internet! er.. we're helping someone use their internet. it's good enough for me to watch the tv shows online so i'm happy with it. the bad thing is that since i have internet in the apt, i don't leave the house as much. so not too much exploring. god forbid this person moves or password protects their internet. i'd be sad.

so.. everyone i know in new york ( and will most likely hang out with) are jewish. my roommate might convert and become orthodox and the rest are orthodox. which means that my friday nights and saturday days might be a bit boring until i find a non-jew to hang out with on those days. or i can watch more episodes of tv online/play sudoku/write in my blog.

today i inventoried the food we have in our kitchen. we have spices, seasonings, and sauces. and then rice, beans, and pasta. what can i say? we live like kings here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

i live in New York, people!!

Things that have happened to me since moving to New York City

  • A rat ran into my foot as I was walking around Tribeca. I'm pretty proud of myself for not yelping. And very happy that I didn't bring any flip flops.

  • I've gotten lost about once every few days. Which probably says something about me since I now live in a city based on a grid system with numbered streets

  • I never know which way to leave the subway leading me to becoming confused

  • I got my nails done. I figured it's a nice New York thing to do. Except that they're the longest they've ever been and it's taking me a while to get used to them. Typing, cleaning and putting in my contacts, actually being able to scratch an itch.

  • I watched Rent. I kinda wanted to watch Legally Blonde or something but I went with a guy friend and figured he wouldn't want to watch it.

  • Since the apt has no internet or tv, I've been playing a lot of sudoku. It still takes me forever to finish a game though.

  • I've been to three bar type places. All three had people playing either flip cup or beer pong. Or there was a table with the dots showing where the beer pong cups should go and a sign up on the wall giving the rules of beer pong. It's like all of a sudden I was in a frat house or something.

Thing that I still need after living in New York for a week:

  • Furniture. I am currently borrowing Dayne's air mattress.

  • A comforter especially since winter is coming soon.

  • hmm.. what else? OH YEAH! A job.

  • I also need to get used to the sounds of New York. As I type this, there's a girl outside screaming “DADDY!!!” over and over again. It's 11:44pm. Not to mention the bus that stops right in front of my apt. And runs all night.

Overall, I really like living here. It's super convenient to get places, I have people to hang out with, and I've been able to explore the city a bit. I'm not scared of living in East Harlem. I think it's nice seeing all the diversity and all. And I haven't been mugged (yet?) nor have I seen a cockroach (yet). You guys should come visit. :) We can be tourists together.