Wednesday, May 28, 2008

jumping high fives rock!

on thursdays, fridays, and mondays i listen to classic rock on the radio while working. it's the only station that doesn't repeat itself during the 8 hours i'm there. after a while though, you realize that while they don't repeat themselves over the course of a night, they do repeat themselves. mostly to amuse himself, randall started making up contests. the first one was to have one person pick a song and then everyone guesses what time it will come on. however, none of the songs have been played on the same night so that game was quickly stopped. then there was the two for tuesday game. that's where one band comes on and you guess the next song. that's not a bad game if you know the artist and song title. i do not. and as randall learned this, he became more and more appalled. at first he accommodated my ignorance by saying "ok, this is the rolling stones." and then i'd pick a song. then he soon learned that i also don't know titles or if that title goes with that band. so then it turned into "ok, this is the rolling stones. i'll give you a choice of 5 titles. angie, brown sugar, etc, etc". i have now been disqualified from this game. he and courtney still play it though. courtney has consistently beat randall, much to his annoyance.
but now, in an attempt to educate me, randall has given me 7 bands and if they ever come on, i have to identify which band it is. they are: the rolling stones, led zepplin, the beatles, u2, bob dylan, bruce springsteen, and billy joel. on friday, we started late so he only asked me to name four bands and i got them right! the prize in any game that i participated in has always been a jumping high five. (courtney doesn't really care about the jumping high fives so she doesn't get them after her wins though.) and i think it was the best jumping high five i've ever had. it was the really loud clapping kind and was really satisfying. i'm looking forward to more.