Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i'm in tucson.

i think this post will be in bullet form minus the bullets.

so i'm in tucson now. i'm here for an archaeology job. we're excavating a bunch of features that were found when a gas pipeline was trying to get installed. i left palo alto yesterday and got to the hotel by 4pm. everyone should come visit!
my hotel room is called a studio. 2 beds, a kitchenete, and a bathroom. i have the bed closest to the ac. b/c i'm a weather wimp. the roommate, jen, is pretty easy going. i had to explain to her that i am not a morning person and that i don't like unnecessary noise. she seemed ok with that.
today i dehydrated myself. i need to do something about that. i think i'm going to add gatorade powder to my waters tomorrow. apparently the whole electrolyte thing actually helps.
today i tried to make brown rice on the stovetop for my lunch tomorrow. except that i somehow botched it so now i have semi cooked and burned rice. i added chipotle peppers and tomatoes. hopefully it tastes ok. (side note: spellcheck doesn't recognize "chipotle" and suggests that i replace it with "spotless")
this morning at 330am, the alarm clock went off. it woke me up b/c 1) it's an alarm clock and that's it purpose in life 2) it was spanish music 3) i couldn't figure out how to turn it off for a good minute or so. that whole episode annoyed me though. b/c my real alarm clock went off at 445am. it was not a good start to the morning.
tucson should be interesting. apparently ppl go to the mountains on the weekends. i'd like to do that sometime. and the diamondbacks are going to play the giants in a week or two from now. if i get tickets, i'll suffer through the 1.5 hr drive to phoenix. it'd be interesting to be one of the few giants fans in the stadium.