Tuesday, May 31, 2005

sandra the stalker

so guess what i just spent about two hours doing? stalking the actors of days of our lives. on myspace. sad, i know. anyways, i found three. jason cook, ashley benson, and amanda musgrave. also, i have amanda musgrave's aim. i've never talked to her. b/c really.. that's creepy. jason has a ton of chicks as his friend. with alot of his comments saying "hey, thanks for the add" or "you've been hit with the sexy truck" with picture of a truck. all three have pictures of themselves and of them on the set. which i thought was cool. and made it that much easier to know for sure that they were the actors of dool. but yeah, after all that searching, i didn't request an add. maybe i will but i don't know. maybe i'll message them. wow. hello. my name is sandra oh and i'm a dool obsessed stalker.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i heart bread.

i'm taking a tae kwon do class right now. it's week nine right now and i think i've gone to a grand total of about 3 weeks worth of classes. i felt so guilty about missing so many classes that i went this week. at the end of class, master song says "so sandra, what's the story? why have you missed so many classes?" in front of everyone. to which all i could do was say "uhhh.. duuhhhh.. i dunnoo" b/c mostly, i miss the class because i'm sleeping. or wake up only 15 minutes before class. from my apartment to the bustop, it's about a 5-7 minute walk at the sandra pace that i go. and from the bustop to campus, it's about 10-20 minutes depending on where on campus you want to be dropped off and how many stops/people there are. so if i wake up at 915, i don't see the point in going. anyways, i went to class both days this week. and now i'm sore. i think i need to stretch out my calves more. at the beginning of class, we stretch most muscles except for the calves. i guess i should go in a bit eariler and strech out my calves. but it was fun to do jump kicks again.

i decided that i want to experiement with bread. so far, i've made challah and two different types of white breads. one was a vegan white bread. which wasn't bad at all. although, i halved the recipie wrong and added the full amount of flour. it just made the bread a bit more chewy though. nothing too bad. today, i bought wheat and soy flours. so next i'm going to try baking a low carb bread, wheat bread, and multi grain bread. i asked my friend if she'd help me eat all the bread and thank god she said yes. or i'd have some VERY well-fed ducks following me.