Wednesday, August 30, 2006

lack of human interaction

kristin made a surprise visit to me at work today. that was when i realized that i have no human interaction. today especially. i was the only one in the office since everyone else was in a meeting. when krisitn came, i literally jumped out of my chair and skipped to her. and then she started to teach me how to dance. she taught me the two-step and the cha cha cha. that was pretty fun. then we just sat around and talked. as i was petting her hair. it was after i started petting her that i realized that i need more human interaction.

another sign that i need more human interaction is that i keep talking to telemarketers. today a lady from DHL called to ask if we wanted to switch from fedex/ups to dhl. i let her keep talking and quoting prices and giving her false information. it was a fun 10 minutes. yes. definitely need more human interaction.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

non-drowsy medicine should be NON-DROWSY

i officially have a cold. before it was just my throat and weird voice. now coughing has been added to the mix. the hydrogen peroxide experiment kinda worked. gargling it in a 1:1 solution with water helped my throat. but putting it into my ear didn't prevent a cold. but maybe it was b/c i didn't do it often enough. and i'm my own test subject so who knows. maybe it works better on others. sarita told me to take a shot of vodka and follow it with a couple glasses of water. i tried that too. i don't know how well it worked on my throat but it helped me sleep. i've also been taking a yucky, unnaturally blue, "non-drowsy" cough syrup. it put me to sleep yesterday. which is not good. today i took it with caffeine. so i haven't fallen asleep but i haven't been awake either.

over the weekend i ran into nancy wong, the dermatologist i used to work for back in high school. she was painting a watercolor of a landscape when we saw her. and she won the most recent weekly photo contest. such an artsy doctor! she gave me and sarita a raffle ticket. and i just got a call saying that i won! woo! i get $100 from the pacific art league to either buy a piece of art or take a class. i think i'm going to take a class.

Friday, August 25, 2006

i think i'm getting sick

so i'm getting sick. i have a sore throat and a mini cough. yesterday i drank alot of airborne but i don't think it helped me too much since i woke up with a sore throat. this morning i bought hydrogen peroxide and i put some in my ears and i'm gonna gargle with it later. i wonder if this will work. lots of people online are saying that hydrogen peroxide is the best thing for colds and such.

yesterday, i had problems bringing food from the plate up to my mouth. for some reason, lots of the food i ate decided to take a detour onto my shirt. maybe it's a sign that i should do my laundry.

i tried making hummus from dried garbanzo beans (as opposed to canned) yesterday. i didn't know that after you soak the beans you have to cook them. instead, i soaked the beans for a few days and then tried to blend them. i thought it was unusually hard but i went with it. until i tasted the "hummus". EW! i tried to make it taste better with cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and garlic. but still. no. i had only ever made hummus from canned beans and i guess they take care of the cooking part for me. booo... i really wanted hummus too. ah well. maybe next time.

Monday, August 21, 2006

weekends are when fun happens

i've forgotten how good back to the future is. last night i watched back to the future 1 and 2. they're pretty much awesome. someday i'll watch the third. and i'll watch the commentary too. i heart commentary.

on saturday i went (back) to the old pro and rode the bull. i also ran into a bunch of paly guys. hi glen, hans, matt, greg, and rob! even though you don't know that this blog exists. i didn't last. i slid off. which means that someday, there will be a rematch. WATCH OUT!

random hs reunions at the old pro is interesting. always good to catch up with people you haven't seen in about 6 years.

lately, i've been drinking alot, staying out way too late, meeting new people (shout out to michael, travis, phil, and mama d and her other homeless friends!), and having alot of fun doing it.

sara and i have pretty much been dating for that last month. we see each other almost every day, we walked around shoreline and watched a pretty sunset, ate at date restaurants, and did other date like things. the best part: we don't annoy each other to death.

yesterday, sara, her friend brianna, michael, and i went to sf to go to ozomatli. but we got there too late and weren't allowed to see them. which sucks b/c ozomatli is so good to see live. so we left. instead, we went to the stinking rose for some yummy-ness and a candy store. i really like candy stores. i bought chocolates that look like rocks. and michael bought us each a truffle. too bad sara and i got ours confused. i guess i'll never know what a champagne truffle tastes like and sara won't know what a peanut butter truffle tastes like.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

whoa.. long time no blog

i guess an update of my life is in order.
my parents' company burned down in april and we're in the process of working the whole insurance thing out. thankfully, nobody was injured in the fire and we have some good people helping us out. shout out to uncle rick!
i finished my certificate in archaeology and GIS in may/june. which is nice. since i'm currently in the hate part of my love/hate relationship with school.
right now i'm working with my parents doing all sorts of office things. but i'm also looking for a job someplace else. geographically, i want to find a job in either san francisco or new york city. and maybe DC or alaska.
i've started walking the dish. yesterday i saw it move. pretty cool. i've learned a few things about myself while walking. 1) i have no endurance 2) when i run, i inhale twice and exhale twice. it's weird and makes me sound like i'm dying 3) my walking speed is the same as this one guy's running speed times 3. i've nicknamed him speedy gonzalez.
last saturday i went to holly's housewarming/superhero costume party. i was scientistwoman b/c the only thing i could find as a costume is my lab coat. duff man won the costume contest. sara used my graduation gown as a cape and her friend tomi wore my hardhat. i'm not very good at last minute costume making. there were 2 quailmen, a duff man, she-ra, a businessman, a supergirl, and surprisingly 4 ppl were in lab coats.
last sunday was my cousin julie's sloshball bday party. it was fun as always. except when i got home, i realized that i had a sunburn. also, someone threw away almost an entire pan of 5 layer dip. who does that??!! i would have taken it home if it wasn't in the trash first.
this weekend sara and i are gonna make a trip down to LA for a wedding. that should be fun. we originally wanted to go down friday, wedding saturday, vegas sat/sun, and drive up on sunday. but now we're carpooling with other people and it's become complicated.
on to current events:
the terrorism threat in england is pretty scary stuff. but i like that it was stopped before anything happened. it gives me hope that separate agencies are talking to each other instead of hoarding information. and it's going to be a bit more inconvenient to fly but all the security precautions are making me feel a bit safer.
lieberman should accept defeat and not run as an independent. it's kinda like giving up cigarettes but replacing it with cigars.
LC and jason from laguna beach (and later her spin off, the hills) have broken up. which leads me to say this: LC should have taken the internship in paris over staying in a beach house with jason all summer. really. for a girl who wants to get into the fashion world, she made a crappy career move.