Monday, January 07, 2008

i hate my super

i moved to new york in october. since then, i have lost electricity, had the electricity hooked up to the fire alarm in the hall, tried to get management to refund some of the rent b/c of the electricity problems, had surprise exterminators just show up without warning, got a letter in the mail from the gas/electric company about the building not paying a deposit and that if it wasn't resolved, it would shut off the gas/electric to the building. not the individual apts though. we pay our own gas/electric bills. but last friday was the worst. wednesday and thursday was so cold (nearly single digit temps) but i didn't stay at my apt. i went to visit rina on wednesday night then spent thursday night at saritas. by friday i really felt the need for a shower and wanted to clean up for sara kondo's visit so i went to my place. i hopped into the shower and waited for the hot water to kick in. it never did. i took the coldest shower of my life that day. i couldn't bring myself to put my entire body into the water so i washed myself in sections. first my hair. then face. arms, legs, then torso. i really didn't want to but i figured after washing my hair and face, the rest of my body had gotten sprinkled with water anyways so i might as well. i got out of the shower still feeling a little dirty and a bit numb. then i went to put on warm clothes. i broke out my slippers, sweaters, long johns.. anything to get me warm again. then i realized what the problem was. there was no heat! i checked roommate's thermostat and it said 58.8 degrees. feeling that it was an unacceptable temperature, i went down to my super's apt. she wasn't there (i hate her) but i talked to a lady (aunt? mother?) who lives with my super. she said that there was no heat or hot water then showed me that she was boiling two pots of water to warm up her apt. after getting back to my apt, i got a call from my super. she said that she called a mechanic (?!?? aren't mechanics for cars?) to come in and fix it. sara k's flight was super delayed by the storm at sfo so she didn't get in until about 1am. after getting her a bit settled, we went to feed her since she hadn't eaten all day. then we went to sleep until i woke up in the morning b/c of a knock on my door. i answer the door to the super (wonder of wonders.. she came to do her job). she said that she had to shut off the water to the apt b/c a pipe burst which flooded the basement and short circuited the heat/hot water thing. i woke up sara and said that we needed to go to sarita's so we could do our morning routine. for those of you who weren't keeping track, my apt went from no heat or hot water to no heat or water. i was so pissed off at the super and the building that i stormed off to sarita's with sara trailing after me. we get there and use her lovely heat and hot water then go about our day. at about 6pm, i call my super to see if everything has been fixed. she said that the heat and hot water was back on but to watch out for the extension chord in the hallway that was the only power source into the basement.

if this place weren't so cheap, i'd move. blurgggg

times sandra has gone to the super b/c something needs to be fixed: 2
times the super has been home to fix anything for sandra: 0
satisfaction with super: -59234576543567295