Sunday, November 28, 2010

my mommy loves me

i know my mommy loves me. she shows me in lots of ways. like making me food when i go home, buying me clothes so i look like a grown woman instead of a teenager, buying my make up to make me look presentable and not a slob, and trying to marry me off to a nice korean boy. sometimes i wish she'd stop showing and just say "i love you".

a little background: my mom has tried to set me up with nice korean boys for years. after i moved to ny, it stopped (mostly because i lived in new york and she didn't know anyone in new york) and it was awesome. but recently she's really made an effort to get me dating so i can get married already. and pop out those grandbabies. turns out she's been passing out my number and email to anyone who knows anyone with an available boy. no screening process. just 1.) korean 2.) single 3.) older than me. which makes me feel oh so confident in her choice of boys.

speaking of choice of boys, my mom has made it clear over the years that there is a ranking system of who is an acceptable son-in-law. 1.) korean 2.) american 3.) chinese that's pretty much where the ranking ends and the nos start. my dad has added no japanese and no koreans straight from korea (he says there are cultural differences that would make things difficult on me). my mom has expanded on the no list to include: jews and muslims (bc they shouldn't marry outside their religion), blacks, or indians. i'm sure more would be added to the no list if she were asked. i've never asked about native americans. but black muslims got a very firm no. when i asked about mexicans she said that they were ok as long as everything else was in order (they're smart, have a good job, etc).

stay tuned! you'll get to read about the different boys i've been subjected to. horray!