Tuesday, March 06, 2007


i really like watching my spam folder fluctuate. for a while it was in the low hundreds and i was very happy with google's spam blocking abilities. then i made a mistake. i thought that if i clicked on the messages and told them that i want to unsubscribe, i'd have less. instead, the next day, my spam count rose a couple hundred! i was in such shock that i decided that i would never open another piece of spam if i could help it. and i haven't. the highest it's ever been was somewhere around 1000 - 1300 pieces of spam. (EW!) some days, when i'm bored, i'll check to see how many pieces of spam i got on that day, how many more i have left from 30 days ago, and compare which days got more spam that others. i also have a theory that spammers know when i'm logged in so they send me more when my account is open than not. so i've started gchating using meebo instead of leaving my gmail box up all day long. and i am now proud to say that my current spam count is 612 pieces. :)