Sunday, January 30, 2005

kaki king.. almost

today claudette and i went to san francisco to go to ameoba records on haight. we left santa cruz at about 1130 with the free show starting at 2pm. with that much time, you'd expect us to get there, eat lunch, and browse the store until the show started. but no. we got to san francisco a bit earlier than 1 and progressively got more and more lost. we finally got to the record store at about 3. after goin south on 101, north on 101, through some funky streets who knows where, and on embarcadero. i heart pier 39ish area. b/c i was going crazy driving around and not knowing where i was until the most beautiful sign in the world appeared to me. singing. "visitor information" llllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! the guy there told me very clear instructions but we inversed on of the directions and ended up going backwards. which wasn't all that bad. since we went down lombard street and up to coit tower instead. it was really pretty. it was such a nice day in sf. usually you have to deal with so much fog or cold. but it was really nice. sunny and pretty warm. but since the visitor information guy gave us a map, we were able to find haight pretty easily. we finally got to the store after the show ended. claudette bought some cd's and i got the kaki king cd. we also ate at a thai place. it wasn't all that bad. i'm not usually a big thai person but this was ok. it was a cute restaurant. and they didn't stop refilling the water. but it's ok. since it's lemon flavored. and i drank alot of it. then we came back. i was a bit disappointed that we missed kaki king but ok with it. since we had a good time otherwise. good times.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my birthday

thanks to everyone who called to say happy birthday to me!! i felt so loved! apparently i'm birthday twins with pat benatar, george foreman, and rod stewart. cool stuff.
since my birthday fell on a monday, i went out with my friends on sunday. which really isn't that much better. well, better for me since i don't have monday classes. we went to tampico's (a really good mexican restaurant that everyone should try) and a couple bars. one b/c a couple of my friends know the bouncer and the other for dancing. too bad it was techno night..
i got cool presents too. i got a cookie cookbook from bailie and keir and a collection of hot sauces from claudette. she gave me about 6 different hot sauces. i think they're all mexican sauces. so i had to taste them all. i'm sure my stomach loved that combo.. mexican food, beer, and all six hot sauces. she got me cholula, picamas, el yucateco, tamazula, salsa huichol, and el pato. the one i liked the best is tamazula. she said that a random guy in the salsa aisle told her that tamazula was the best one. so she got it and he was right. it's a really good hot sauce. the el yucateco is the spiciest. the kind that lingers in your mouth and throat. i'm not so into that. i'm used to korean spicy food where it burns you then goes away. not so much burns you until you have tears in your eyes b/c you can't get the spicy out of your mouth. el pato tasted more vinagear-y than the others, and picamas and salsa huichol kinda tastes like tapatillo to me. although picamas is a bit thicker than salsa huichol and tapatillo. cholula is pretty good. a nice, americanize mexican hot sauce. they have it at pizza my hear and california pizza kitchen. all in all, very yummy presents. ;)
was it just me or was brad and jennifer's split painful for you? i mean, just the other day you were having a discussion about who's prettier (brad)
on another note, i think the new apprentice will be interesting. i don't really watch the show. i usually just watch bits and pieces and the last couple minutes to see who was fired. but i'd like to see a street smart person win over a book smart person.

Monday, January 03, 2005


i'm hooked on countdowns. if i find out there's a countdown on tv, i'll usually watch it. even if i've seen it before. like numbers 40-20 of E!'s top 101 worst red carpet moments. or if it's a stupid countdown. and since it's E! and VH1 repeat every episode 50 billion times, it's ok if you miss a few.
i think the thing i like about countdowns is that you start with 101 (if you're lucky.. usually you start in the middle) and go down to 1. and as you go down the list, you start to argue with the tv. "ashely judd should NOT be number 48 in the top 101 cute hollywood chicks!!". and then you get to number 1 "oh, yeah.. anjelina jolie is definatley number 1!" but i think that countdowns only work on tv. i really don't think that the radio should have countdowns. like 104.9 had a top 1000 songs of 2004 countdown on new year's eve. and 107.7 had the top 500 classic rock songs countdown. those really didn't work for me. i guess i need pictures.
but also, i was watching E! earlier today with claudette and she said something that i thought was interesting. she said that E! and VH1 and all those types of shows plant little seeds of ideas into our heads. like joan collin's was talking about what types of girls hot hollywood men go for. hot hollywood guys like colin farrel, lenny kravitz, and jerry o'connell. if joan collin's hadn't said lenny kravitz or jerry o'connell, i wouldn't have thought of them at al. there are lots of times that i forget about their existance. but i guess joan colins has different tastes. it's true for so many other things too though. who heard of paris hilton before VH1 and E! told everyone she's famous and fabulous? but it works on me. i'm the same person who will buy the "new and improved" goldfish because the package is now shiny and bright.