Friday, March 25, 2005

shooting range!

i went to a shooting range today! it was really cool. philip, claudette, holly, and her brother jason and i all went to go shooting. we shot three different kinds of guns. the revolover was the most fun. philip took pictures and video of all of us. there's a video of me shooting the revolver and the recoil was powerful enough to shoot my arms up and my head back. hee! good times. it was my first time shooting and for the most part, i hit the target. some hit the paper but not the guy. and i'm pretty sure i missed the paper altogether on some shots. we spent a bit over an hour there. we used two different ranges with us trading off and taking turns with the guns. very diplomatic. jason's an ex-marine so his shots were all very close together and accurate. mine were all over the place. but i thought that was pretty good for my first time.

an update on my bruise. i looked at it this morning and it was bigger and more black and blue. i showed claudette and holly my bruise and they were both very impressed with how bad it looked. i'll see if i can get a picture taken of it. odd what i think is picture worthy..

se callo

i had work today from 11-3 today. but i woke up at 11. so i called in to work saying that i'd be about 10 minutes late. and got ready and ran out. RAN! the parking lot i have to run through to get to the side walk was half full of water from the rain but i saw an opening between the dumpster and the recycling bins. and that's when it happened. i ran and slipped and fell on the mud. the parking lot asphalt is about an inch or two lower than the sidewalk. so i slipped on the mud and slammed into the side of the sidewalk. ....that was fun as always. and as i fell, a woman pusing her baby in a stroller passed me and helped me get cleaned up. nice samaritan. :) she gave me a cloth wipe thing but i felt bad getting it dirty. so she gave me a bunck of baby wipes. that worked well. and i limped to work. i got there and told a very animated story about how i fell (lying a bit so it sounded worse) so that my boss would have a bit of sympathy and not be too mad for being late. he asked if i was ok and said that i would be working the cash register all day. the only thing is that i'm the only one working that shift who knew how to work the cash register. so i had more or less an indefinate break since it kept being interupped by ppl comming in. and even though i was scheduled to only work till 3, i stayed til 430 when the other shift started. which was lovely. and when i eventually looked at my thigh, i saw that i have a FAT bruise on my upper thigh. good times.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

craziness of the end of the quarter

thursday started with me being kinda nervous about my lab final. i took it, went down to the computer lab to burn my powerpoint presentation onto a cd from my zip disk. but my disk was unreadable. and i wasn't about to redo my powerpoint 2 hrs before the class. so i went to class and wrote out what i was going to say. i was 1 of 3 who didn't do a powerpoint presentation. which sucked. the class has 19 ppl in it. each person was given 10 minutes to present and 5 for questions. so 15 minutes per person. which is about 5 hrs. the class is 3. so we ended up taking 4 hrs to present. which sucked. b/c the class ended at 9pm. so we were all cranky, tired, and hungry. but our professor, nate, said that after class we could go to a bar after class. as a "yay, the quarter's over!" thing. so we did. we went to 99 bottles, a bar that sells about 103 different beers with a card system so that after you drink 99 different beers, you get a mini plaque on the wall. after 9 plaques, you get a brick. but ppl with bricks probably have liver failure now. anyways, nate was there and so were most of the people from the class. which was really cool. i'd never done that before. go out with a professor. and he said that all the drinks were on him. but alot of us bought pitchers on our own and thursdays are all day happy hour prices. also, we didn't let him pay. another guy from the class, ivan, paid for it. which i felt kinda bad about. the class should have split the bill. oh well. we left 99 to go to the blue lagoon. because by that point, being the alcoholics that we are, we felt like dancing. thursdays at the blue is 80's night. nate bought us drinks there. he surprised me by getting scotch. ivan, nate, and i had scotch, others had run and cokes, etc. then we danced. i thought the whole night was really cool. i've never done that before. the whole night was full of surprises. nate's a scotch guy, he dances, and i must seem alcoholic to him. having nate there kind of made me feel weird though. b/c he's still my professor. and the anthro dept. really isn't big. ah well. i went in to see him today to ask about my presentation. b/c he gave everyone else in the class questions but not me. and i need that kind of validation. i can't get a paper back that just says "good" on it. i need comments. and he seemed fine. or he was hiding it well. i think he was hiding it well. there are some professors that i know i'd never go out with. but others.. maybe. nate especially. just because he's not much older than us.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


usually i do the dishes when we run out of cups. to the point where we're at the verge of drinking out of espresso cups. can you imagine drinking your daily 8 oz of water from an espresso cup?!?! you'd have to refill it after each sip. but today, the limiting factor was bowls. so even if i wanted a bowl of cereal for dinner, i wouldn't be able to eat it. b/c all the bowls are dirty. or a bowl of soup. although, now that i think of it, i could have used a mug.
also, from quizno's i brought home the huge garbage bags. and since the kitchen had two safeway bags full of trash already, i put the bags in the big bag. i also put the bathroom garbage and my room's garbage in the bag. but it was still only about half full. so i left it in the kitchen. and we just kept filling that bag full of garbage. until today. when i decided that it was time to toss it when our kitchen started to smell like a dumpster. and i figured, if i was going to toss stuff, i might as well get rid of yucky things in the fridge. like my milk that expired 2 weeks ago. and dried out cheese. and rotted garlic. the garlice wasn't in the fridge. but it still needed to be tossed. and some moldy bread. i'm not so sure i like the fact that i didn't eat all that stuff before it expired. b/c as a kid, it was basically drilled into my head that you don't waste food. b/c there are a lot of starving kids in north korea and africa.
the thing is, i need the communal areas to be clean. not neccessarily my own room. my room is disgusting to the point where i can't find some papers. my bed is never made. my clothes are piled a couple layers high. my books are all over. but i don't clean it up. instead, i have to make sure the that blankets on the couch are neatly folded and that the kitchen counters are clean and the microwave is crumbless. it's like i have selective ocd.