Tuesday, February 22, 2005

not fired!

for those of you who knew about my freak out session, i didn't get fired from quizno's. last sunday night i had to work the closing shift. on sundays we have to wheel the sandwich making stations to sweep behind them. i pushed one cart kinda hard b/c there are alot of wires and i had to wheel over the wires. but then the oven didn't work. and when i went to see what was wrong, i saw that the plug was a bit weird. so i went to replug it. but it sparked and freaked me out. and after that, the oven really didn't work. erika refunded everyone's money and i had a mini freak out session there. b/c i was at quizno's and couldn't have a proper one. we finished closing and went home. i decided that i needed to go out and drink and so did others. so a bunch of us went to the avenue where it happened to be the perfect thing to do. b/c a random guy put all the drinks bought by the ladies on his tab. HEE! the bartender said that at first she was a bit sketched out by the idea but he wasn't a creep. he didn't even want us to go up to him and say thank you. later, the bartended clanked a bell and said "ladies, say thank you nick" so the whole bar said "thank you nick!" haha. but the whole night i was still worried about being fired and all. i even had dreams about it that night. not fun. but then i went to work monday night and nothing happened! NOTHING! i thought for sure that i'd at least get yelled at. b/c russ likes to yell. but nothing happened. erika started her shift at 2 so i guess they asked her earlier. but they didn't ask me. and i didn't bring it up. later, erika, russ, and sunil were talking about the wire and how they had to call an electrician and that it cost alot and all. and russ kind of joked around with erika about not letting her near the wires. but erika's nice and cool and didn't say anything about my involvement. yay! not fired!
omg though, monday was days of our lives' 10,000th episode. and i forgot until i watched it. the very first scene was francis reid came on and said "hi, i'm francis reid and i play alice horton and i want to say thank you for watching days." i saw that and yelped and clapped. it made me happy that i was the only person at home. b/c i don't know what ppl's reactions would be if they saw me clapping and bouncing around for watching the 10,000th episode of days. haha.