Wednesday, January 17, 2007

yay for cooking!

sarita, asher, and i have started cooking ethnic foods. it's more like sarita and i feel like cooking something and instead of going to her house, the two of us go off to asher's apt. and cook there. usually giving him about 30 minutes of notice. one night was indian, another was gingerbread houses, and the most recent was wontons. it's always an adventure b/c he has a bachelor-i-live-alone kitchen. which means that sarita and i usually go there with a camping mentality. does a campground come with a spatula? does it have salt? egg? milk? what about a cutting board? the food always turns out good though so it's ok. we just give asher alot of crap about his empty kitchen. but to his credit, his freezer usually has food in it even if his fridge does not. next on our list is italian, korean, mexican, and sushi. on indian night, we all ate our food listening to indian music and sat around an indonesian tablecloth. asher even dressed up in a traditional indian outfit. hee! too bad i never take a camera. neither does anyone else, for that matter.

on to more serious stuff that i've been thinking about:

what's wrong with people? why are ppl so mean and discriminatory?? on new year's eve, Yale University's "Bakers Dozen" was performing when a guy started yelling at them for being gay. even though there's no correlation between being in an acapella group and being gay. and later, that guy calls up a bunch of his friends and they all beat up the "bakers dozen". one to the point of needing his jaw wired shut and getting reconstructive surgery!! and the sfpd released the boys! ugh.. and T.R. Knight of grey's anatomy needing to come out after a cast mate called him a faggot. and that castmate is denying it all. there are so many things wrong with those last two sentences. 1) nobody should be forced to come out. it's something that you chose to do on your terms at your pace. 2) for anyone to say racial or in this case, sexual slurs means that they say them on a regular basis. otherwise, it doesn't fly out of your mouth at any given time. (yes, i'm talking to you cosmo kramer!) 3) own up to what you did. it was wrong. fix the problem somehow and don't bring more publicity to it. and most recently, northwest airlines denied muslims from boarding a plane from frankfurt, germany to detroit. they were on their way back from a pilgrimage to mecca. i wonder how northwest is going to spin this so that denying 40 muslims from boarding a flight is not racial profiling. and it'd be interesting to see how muslims react to northwest from now on. will they boycott the airline entirely? those are the three mean and discriminatory things came to my attention enough for me to blog about.

Monday, January 08, 2007

a couple things i've been thinking about

why are subject lines so hard? they're like writing a one sentance abstract for your entire email. i hated writing paragraph-long abstracts for my papers b/c i didn't have enough space to write about everything. a one sentance abstract makes it all the more difficult.

i think san francisco doesn't want me to watch a concert in its city. why else would i not be able to watch two different concerts? ozomatli over the summer at some point and the devil makes three last saturday. but i guess if i had seen the concerts, i wouldn't have gone off to go to plans b - d.

i think i'm going through my quarter-life crisis. i don't know what i'll do. probably cut my hair really weird and move? i have no idea. but i guess this brings me to my next point.

i want to go on an adventure. does anyone else want to go on an adventure? i've been pretty passive about it but now i just want to go. only thing is, i don't know where to go or when. just somewhere. and soon. there are a ton of places i'd love to go to. i've never been to DC, i want to see the arctic before it melts away (but i can deal with alaska instead), europe.. or places that are more likely to happen like a camping trip to yosemite or just camping in general. or a kayaking trip in santa cruz. or a snow weekend. i just want to go on an adventure.

i just got my new phone! which means i'm switching to a new phone number and a new service. i'm switching from verizon to cingular. which i'm ok with.