Saturday, April 30, 2005

queer fashion show!!

i went to the queer fashion show today! it was SOO much fun! one of my friends, jeremy, was in it. and a few random aquaintences were in it too. i went with holly but we didn't have tickets. so i picked her up, drove to campus, waited until they started selling tickets, bought 2 of the last 8 tickets available, and drove off for some quick chinese food. word of advice. don't go to a sit down restaurant for a quick meal before a show. also, don't eat chinese food in santa cruz. there's a reason why we're known for taquerias and not chinese places. anyways, i was being a brat about it the whole time. holly wanted chinese food so we went. the show started at 8 and we got seated at about 6:30/45ish. but i wanted to eat and leave by 7:15 so that we can drive back up, get a decent parking spot, and find a good seat. we order, wait for food, gobble it up, and wait (what i think is ) forever for the check and togo boxes. well, it really was a long time b/c the waitress was doing double duty with the take out orders and waitressing other customers. and we never told her we were in a hurry. all the while, i'm telling holly that we have to leave and that the waitress should have given us our checks already. holly became a bit irritated, i'm sure. we leave the restaurant at about 7:20ish and zoom off to park. surprisingly, i found a spot pretty close. then we rushed off to get a seat. a couple professors and classmates were in the second row but had no spaces left for us so we went to sit farther back. but stefanie comes and says that the couple they were saving spots for didn't look like they were comming so we could take their spot. YAY! so holly and i moved up but behind a tall guy with poofy hair. ah well. jeremy wasn't blocked. the rows were set up so that they went diagonaly. we sat on the other end of the runway and closer to the main stage. i wish we were closer to the runway but no matter. it was fun anyways.
the fashion show was not alot of fashion but alot of dancing. and sending pro-queer messages. there was one part where it was couture. good stuff. all very nicely coreographed and everything. or dancing disguised as skits. there was one about body image, another that was very west side story(pinks vs. blues). jeremy was in one about stereotypes.

on a side note, i love cirque de soleil. i tivo'd the cirque-a-thon that bravo had last weekend and i'm wataching it now. and since i don't go to vegas, i can't see them live so tv is the best way for me to see the show. and even if i did go to vegas, i can't see myself spending over $100 for a ticket. i can't' see myself even gambling with that much money! but if i win big, i'd spring for a ticket. :) and if i wing REALLY big, maybe 2 tickets.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ucsc is way too hippie-ful

so, within the past week, there has been a strike, a tent univeristy, a walk-out, and 420. omg.. i keep forgetting that santa cruz is full of hippies. and then weeks like this come up and i say "oh, yeah. santa cruz is hippieful"...
the strike was about union workers not getting a pay raise in 2ish years and not being paid a living wage. which i kind of agree with except for the fact that most dishwashers don't make a living wage anyways. the strike was for clerical workers, janitorial, and others. the city buses had a sympathy strike and didn't cross the picket lines. the shuttle busses on campus didn't run b/c they were also doing a sympathy strike or were a part of the strike. i'm unclear on this. in any case, they weren't running either. so if you wanted to go to class, you'd take the bus to the base of campus and walk to class. i don't know if you know about ucsc's landscape but it's a mountain. a big, huge, hike through the wilderness type of school. NOT FUN. and the dining halls were closed, the libraries, basically the whole school. my professor said that i could email her and say that i support the strike and she'd excuse us. so i emailed her and stayed home. hee!
here's an article about it
the tent university is very unclear on why their doing it. what are they protesting? i don't know. they just have tents set up at the base of campus. which is why the police came at 10pm to arrest them. there's even a video.
here's an article about it and thing is, all the hippies cried police brutallity. when really, they did pressure point things for them to pass out and arrest the people. there was no batton. and the worst injury anyone would get are bruises from the pressure points and such. the school told them that if they were on the base of campus, they would be arrested. but the base of campus is considered city land ad you can't camp on city land. if they had listened to the school, they could have moved it to any part of campus and not gotten arrested. their stupidity. there are some classes that were held at tent university. WHO ARE THESE HIPPIE PROFESSORS??
and today there's a walk-out. i think it's to stop budget cuts. apparently is a state-wide walk-out. but the walk out is scheduled for noon and i don't have a class at noon. what am i going to walk out on? the computer lab? riiiight... and the walk out just happens to be on 420. hermm.. i wonder what ppl will be doing instead of staying in class?
looking up the articles reminded me of a few weeks ago. there was a job faire and just like every job faire, there were military recruits. but the santa cruz hippies would have none of that. so they blocked the job faire entrance until the recruiters left. but i think that's bad. i mean, i'm sure there's someone who may have wanted to talk to the military. they recruiters should be there for that option.
sometimes, this school makes me feel like an uber-conservative. then i go back to palo alto where i'm just a silly liberal. one time, i was eatting with a couple friends when a chick asked if she could share our table. we were fine with it b/c the rest of the place was full. then she started to talk about some sort of gathering to protest about fair wages, promotions, and such. about how they should promote internally. i'm perfectly fine with that except that sometimes the best person for the job can't be found internally. promotions should be based on merit, not seniority.
420 is a big day in santa cruz. so big that even rolling stone wrote a whole article about it. i can't find it but it was pretty funny. although the administration didn't think so. i haven't seen it but next to porter college there's a meadow. and last year and the year before, there were a bunch of ppl who got together and smoked out. i wish i could have taken a picture at 4:21. apparently there was a big mushroom cloud-ish thing of smoke. but there were also alot of police there to arrest anyone they wanted. bahh.. crazy santa cruz hippies.
crazy crazy hippies.

ok, so apparently the links don't work and i don't know html to fix it so here are the urls. the one for the sj mercury makes you sign up for access to the articles but it's free

Monday, April 04, 2005

bumper stickers

on my walk to work i read alot of different bumper stickers. really, whenever i see a bumper sticker i have to read it. some are funny, some are political, some confuse me.
the funny ones i like. like there's one that says "what the fuck am i thinking?" with michael jackson's picture right next to it. or "shut up hippie". i know there are others that are funnier but i can't think of them right now.
it's the political ones i wonder about. like all the cars that have kerry/edwards stickers. what's going to happen to them? i mean, it's not like they'll run ever again. all it says is that in 2004, you voted for the losing team. or proposition 208. from when? 1996? but if it's a political issue, i guess that's ok. like putting up a pro-life sticker or something. things that will be debatable forever and clearly state your position.
the confusing ones say "flirt harder. i'm a physicist." i really don't get that one. do i have to be a physicist to understand it? i've only taken high school physics so i have no idea what flirting has to do with anything physics related. there's another one that has to do with being a scientist. i don't remember it right now though. i think it said "back off man, i'm a scientist". does that mean not to tailgate because you're a scientist? b/c i don't think that being a scientist will stop ppl from tailgating you. i know it doesn't stop me. and how do i know that you reall are a scientist? and then there are some bumper stickers that i want. like "keep santa cruz weird" or "i love santa cruz diner". and some i don't want. like the ones about being a goddess or whatever. the only thing is, i don't think i'd ever put bumper stickers on my car. b/c i know that if i have one, i'll want another. and another. and another. then i'll become THAT car. the one with more bumper sticker than paint on it. and that's just not pretty. and it's a traffic hazard.