Sunday, August 21, 2005

sandra has left a heartbroken quizno's for the world of the unknown

today was my last day at quizno's. it was the best ever. b/c i knew it was my last day and they knew it was my last day. and quizno's is slow so i didn't have to make many sandwiches. most of the day i spent stnading and sort of cleaning. then 4:00 rolled around and i threw away my cup that quizno's gave me so i can drink as much soda as i want, clocked out, and left. FOREVER!! i couldn't stop smiling from when i threw my cup away to when i walked home. NO MORE QUIZNOS! yay! then i went home, showered, waited for my friend megan to come over so we can go to safeway. there we bought marshmellows, chocolate, grahm crackers, firewood, lighter fluid, and beer. then we realized we had left some things back at my place. so we went back and got coat hangers, chips, and a few random alcoholic beverages and headed out for seabright beach. we were on the road when pat called us. she was already at the beach. then we sat, shot the shit, drank, and eventually started the fire. pat had to get back early so i burned my shoe laces, tounges, and a pair of pants. all these were clothes that i wore under my quizno's uniform and it felt good to do it. such stinky clothing. a bit later, tim and his friend dave stopped by and i burned another pair of pants. then pat had to go home to see if her husband fed their kids or not. and holly and matt showed up. and as tim and matt left, jeannette came. then i tossed my last bit of clothing - my shirt into the fire. so much fun. although it was a bit drawn out. i kinda wish i had done it one right after the other. but ppl kept comming at random points of the evening thati couldn't. then at 10 the ranger person came and said that we had to leave b/c the beach was closed. luckily we had hidden our beers and he didn't catch us. we were innocently roasting marshmellows at that point. then we left the beach and i dropped jeannette off at her car and holly and matt downtown. megan and i went home to sleep. yay for burning quizno's clothes! yay for no more quizno's!

on a side note, i'm leaving santa cruz by the 31st and if you know anyone who needs a full mattress and box spring, a desk, wood filing cabinet, fold out couch, 2 lamps, 2 rolling chairs, or a table, tell them to contact me. b/c i'm selling.

Monday, August 08, 2005

rina had a baby!! (name tba)

rina had a healthy and happy baby girl on saturday! yay for mordy and rina! according to sarita, they have picked out a name but aren't telling anyone just yet. the pictures show happy parents and a cutie of a baby.

to all you days of our lives watchers: i LOVED the past couple days. seriously, i've watched the friday episode maybe 4 times and today's twice already. WOO!! kate's gotten what she deserves and today foreshadowed more bad stuff to come crashing down on her. WOO! and it made me wish i were alone in the apartment b/c then i could really say "WOO!" outloud and be more animated about the show. but daniel doesn't know the full extent of my obsessiveness about the show. and i figured that wasn't the best way to introduce it to him. although it's my passive mission to get him to like the show and kind of understand what's going on. i watch the show while he's on his computer in the same room. sometimes anyways.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

wow.. long time no blog

ok, i just check and the last time i blogged was when i graduated. so i guess this is the time for me to give the internet world the latest in sandra news.
right after i graduated, i started my archaeology technology program at cabrillo college in aptos. it's broken down into three classes: survey, excavation, and lab. i finished survey and excavation already. i start lab on monday. it's been pretty fun. and the ppl in the class are pretty cool (for the most part). and like all anthro/archaeology ppl, alcoholics. every friday we all went to the seabright brewery to just hang out. which would have been super fun if i had been able to go every friday. but i had sucky quizno's to deal with.
the survey class was all about map making, reading maps, how to do surface searches for artifacts, and all that fun stuff. we had a three day camping trip to los padres national forest to survey. that was pretty fun. the excavation class was the actual digging part. we were at the redman hirahara house in watsonville. you can see it from hwy 1. it's the old victorian that's falling apart. it's the first japanese american site to be excavated. which was exciting. we at first wanted to see if there would be a clear anglo level and a clear asian level. but there wasn't. but that's ok. we found a ton of stuff anyways. lot of glass, buttons, tools, ceramics, gravel, dirt, and clay. and in the lab class, we're gonna sort everything into categories (interior decoration, kitchen, architecture, etc) and then identify things. like going through the sears roebuck catalog and saying "oh! here's the shirt that button came from!" but yeah, you should see us. it's a group of 30 ppl all wearing hats, long sleaved shirts and pants, doing various excavation things. we're an odd sight to see. all covered up and all.
aside from the class, which runs from 8-5 monday to friday, i also have quizno's. so by the time i come home, watch days of our lives, and shower, i'm half asleep. which is great if you don't want to talk to ppl ever during the class. but yeah. ...good times... the only thing i've kept up with is my soap and email. and seriously, in that order.
also, i now have a roommate. which is cool. b/c he can pay half the rent and i don't have to go insanely into debt over the stupid rent. he's quiet, from wisconsin, 20 and we never see each other. he wakes up and leaves for his internship before me, comes back when i go to work, and sleeps before i come home from work. it's like living with an invisible person. odd.
right after this program ends, i'm leaving santa cruz. which will be interesting. so yeah, if you know anyone in santa cruz who wants furniture, send them my way. i have a couch, tables, chairs, a desk, bookshelf.. yeah. it'll be interesting.