Sunday, June 12, 2005


yay! i graduated! (finally!) i went to two graduations. one for the anthro dept. and one for my college. the anthro dept one was pretty cool. i got to see alot of the graduating anthro ppl. that's where they gave out awards and honors. i didn't get any but cheered for the ppl who did. my friend won the physical anthro essay writing contest. he won $500!! he wrote about primate play. such a cute topic. afterwards, jessica, carol, claudette, and i went to a bar for "lunch" with the lab manager. richard is the coolest person in the world. i want my office to look just like his when i grow up. and he knows everything about everything. the coolest guy ever. after "lunch", we dropped richard off at school and the four of us went for real food. i thought my food had too much peanut sauce but whatever. it tasted good cold. later on, claudette and i went to her high school's graduation. the school she teaches at is so small and hippie.. there were two graduating seniors and the graduation was on the beach. it was a potluck beach graduation. everyone got to say what they liked about empire academy and other people can say what they like about the person. so for a bit under 20 students, the graduation took almost 3 hrs!! i ended up snacking on chips and salsa while waiting. it was nice to put a face to the stories that claudette would tell me.
the next day was my college graduation. ucsc is broken down into 10 different colleges so my college had a couple hundred walkers. since i'm a transfer student, i didn't know many people that i graduated with. i knew a grand total of 6 people. one of them is me. we got to sit next to anyone we wanted so that was nice. seeing as i really would have gone crazy sitting next to strangers. but yeah. ashley and i sat next to each other. i had a random politics major i didn't know next to me but next to him were max and sam. they're also anthro majors and i do know them. it made me wish that he didn't sit between me and sam. ah well. anyways, the graduation took place at the upper quarry. so while most colleges had a nice ocean view, i got a rock wall. i guess if ppl were bored enough, they could go mine for limestone. but yeah. there were no chairs!! there where stadium style seats but it was wooden planks on dirt. ashley and i were saying that our moms must be so annoyed that they paid so much for our tuition and they had to sit on dirt while wearing fancy clothes.
after the graduation, we went to lunch at margaritaville. where none of us had a margarita. i had camarones el diablo. jumbo prawns in i think chipotle sauce. it was very spicy. they had very good salsa for their chips though. after lunch, i went home in a food coma and took a nap. after the nap, i went out with jessica and carol to celebrate our graduation and end of school (for now). we later met up with claudette, ashley, ashley's sister samantha, richard, and his partner kai. richard and i played a horrible game of pool. i could not get that stupid eight ball in. either i suck at pool or i just wasn't sober at the time. i think it's a combination of the two.
yay graduation!
now i've got to go to bed so i can wake up on time for summer school. (WHAT?! ... yeah, i don't know either)