Sunday, February 18, 2007

the adventure that was kansas

here's a basic timeline:

sunday the 11th:
after the bar, i come home, did some last minute packing, watched an episode of days, and went to the airport in time for me to check my luggage and wait for my flight.
2pm - i arrive in wichita, unpack, introduce myself to the principal archaeologist (amy), and write in my blog
7pm - i get called into a meeting in amy's office with all the other archaeologists. she tells us that we are suspended from doing any work. then i go back to my room and eventually sleep.

monday the 12th:
10 am - another meeting is called in amy's office and we are told that we are now officially demobilized. amy tells me that the company will pay for my ticket home and that they will reimburse me for the flight to wichita.
2 pm - i'm packed, i watch an episode of days, and book a flight home. wichita - denver - vegas - san jose. then i do some sudoku and hang out with the remaining ppl from the project.
6:30 pm - i'm at the wichita airport waiting for my flight to denver.
8-ish pm - i'm at the denver airport where i find out that the flight is delayed by an hour.
11:29pm - i arrive in vegas bording pass-less and have to go to the ticketing counter a tram stop away, and get on the flight before it takes off at 11:59pm. it doesn't happen. i take a taxi to the strip and wander around all the different casinos and whatever. i try out a couple of the penny and nickel slots and move along to other casinos.
5-ish am - get kicked out of the bellagio lobby for napping on a chair
7-ish am - get kicked out of a restaurant at mgm for falling asleep at the table.
9 am - get to the airport and end up in line behind a billion perky happy and talkative portland, or all star cheerleading squad. they got second place apparently. i didn't care b/c i was sleepy and grumpy.
1:30pm - FINALLY arrive in san jose. come home, sleeeeeeeeep. yay for sleep. i probably got somewhere between 12 - 14 hours of sleep the entire time i had this adventure.

so basically the only parts of wichita i saw are the airport and the hotel. i really wanted an adventure. i guess this counts. :)

on a side note, was i/am i a mean person back in elementary school and now? i hope not. i want to think of myself as a very awkward person who is shy to the point of being rude.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i'm in kansas!

if anyone who reads this ever feels like going to the YMCA in east palo alto, you should ride the elevator. it's dedicated to my aunt. kinda cool. :)

yesterday was michael, travis, and my joint birthday party. it was pretty fun except that it rained off and on. ppl from all over came and it was fun. travis brought food from a catering guy he knows, michael brought a TON of drinks, and kristin and i made dinner. more like kristin made dinner. at first we just played net-less volleyball. which pretty much ment we were tossing the ball around and used a stick to act as our net just for the sake of boundaries. but there were also no set boundries for the sides or back. then we played sloshball. it was very muddy and wet. good times were had by all. then we had dinner and decided to go to rudy's for some dancing. which is where i ran into jibari, khari, nik ajagu, and aaron wilson. crazy reunion-ness! afterwards, we went home and i finished packing (weather inappropriate clothing) and watch an episode of days before kristin took me to the airport in order for me to catch my flight by 6:15. luckily, my flight to phoenix was fairly empty so i got an entire row to myself. so i stretched out and slept on all three seats. my flight to wichita was pretty full but i was able to get two seats so i sorta stretched out a bit and slept.

after checking into the hotel, i went to explore a bit. the room itself has dsl internet, a kitchenette with all the normal kitchen stuff, a recliner!!, and of course the cable tv with a dvd/vcr. the hotel comes with free washer and dryers, a small gym, and a mini convienience store. it's a pretty nice hotel!

one bad thing is that i didn't pack weather appropriate clothing. which i knew i would do. i'm a retard and forgot a thick jackt. and i'm kicking myself over that. but i honestly didn't think about long johns, something to cover my face, or a hat/beanie. if they ever have a suggestion box, i would ask them to provide an "essential clothing list" list. so i have that going for me.

i'm not sure how much i'll be able to update this thing b/c i was talking to the principle archaeologist and she said that the gis guy usually works until midnight and has to get up early to do field stuff. this job sounds like it's going to be interesting.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


for years, i've told people that when i got older (25 and up) and didn't have any marriage prospects, my mom would start to set me up on dates. and i've also said that when she did that, i'd run away. people would usually laugh or ask questions about it. well, now that i'm 25 and have no marriage prospects, my mom set me up on a date. it wasn't horrible but it wasn't enjoyable either. i think the main reason was because his english isn't all that great and my korean isn't too good either. also, my mom was there. she had a great time. a little afterwards, i found a job posting for a gps person on an archaeology job list site. i applied for it and the next day was offered the job. i had to talk it over with my parents and a couple people online about whether or not i should go and then called back and said yes. so now i'm going to kansas in a week. the job is temporary and is only until april but it might be extended to september. who knows. the nice part is that they pay for my hotel and food!

i don't know too much about kansas though. i know it's a red state, it's going to be cold, there are tornadoes, and there's probably a small chance of me eatting good korean food while i'm there. oh, and i've heard that the lawmakers passed a bill to outlaw the second law of thermodynamics. .......... yeah. i'll update everyone one kansas once i actually get there. in the mean time, anyone want to help pack? ;)