Sunday, November 25, 2007

add? ocd? add with a hint of ocd?

today i made a chicken stock. to prepare for the chicken stock, i cut up (and cooked and ate) the chicken and saved the bones and guts for the stock, bought a stock pot, and then went to sleep. i guess i should also say that this was done over the course of about three days.
this morning (well fine. it was around noon) i got up and decided that today was the day i'd make stock. i read a few food blogs about stock, looked at a few recipes, then looked in my kitchen. then i proceeded to disregard most of the ingredients. most recipes call for celery but my fridge doesn't have any so neither does my stock. it also called for a bunch of herbs i don't have so i sprinkled in italian seasoning. i did have the carrots, onion, and the chicken though. and really, i think chicken stock doesn't need to be all fancy. just water and chicken would probably do. but i wanted to make mine sorta fancy.

speaking of fancy. i read a couple of shira's books and they're so cute! fancy nancy, i love you blue kangaroo, and paperbag princess. sometimes i wish i could just read kids books all day long.

back to the stock!
eventually the water with stuff in it was turning into stock. but since i had the stove on, i couldn't go outside and have human interaction. instead, i decided to watch episodes of days of our lives (i was almost a month behind) online. on a website that sounds like newcube. i'll be very sad when it gets taken down and hope that never happens. anyways, while i watched days, i decided i needed another activity. so i got out all of the plastic bags and started to fold them. i now have a bag full of cutely folded plastic bags in a neat row arranged first by where the bag is from then its size. i am also all caught up in the lives of my salemites. and most importantly, i have stock! woo!

hermm.. what do you do with chicken stock?