Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my family all went down to LA to drop alice off at school a couple weeks ago. she was the first one to move into her dorm room so she got dibs on everything she wanted. upper bunk, desk next to the bed, big dresser/closet thing. as kristin and i were helping alice unpack, we began to fully realize just how many pieces of clothing she has. and alice only brought the clothes that she wears. which means there's still clothes in her closet at home with her "reject" pile of clothes. kristin and i have decided that alice has twice as many clothes and the two of us put together. slightly ridiculous.

i went to the download festival with sara, michael, nina, and nina's friend alex on saturday. it was fun but i didn't get to hang out with nina all that much. which is sad since we don't really get to hang out with them too often. later, we also met michael's friends andrea and jeff. they're cool ppl. towards the end of beck's set, lots of people were leaving. so sara, michael, and i asked two people for their tickets and snuck into the good seats. nina, alex, and their friends were somehow able to get down to the good seats before us. best acts: kinky and beck. not so good acts: yeah yeah yeahs, the shins

on sunday aimee called me to ask if i wanted to work in catering at shoreline. i was the ticket marker/not let ppl get seconds at the buffet table person for the vip ticket holders. the server portion was only until 7:30 and then we started to clean. that wasn't bad at all. we weren't responsible for the dishes. which made me super happy. but also made me wonder who was in charge of the dishes. by 10pm, i was off and got to sneak over to watch john mayer. that was fun. too bad i couldn't see sheryl crow's set. that would have been fun too. but i wasn't heartbroken over missing any of it. i'm not too into either of them.

all these school shootings are not happy topics. especially the most recent one at the amish school. the amish are non-violent and were even exempt from the draft. for those girls to die in such a violent manner is insane. that man! if you want to commit suicide, go off and do it. don't kill and injure innocent girls in the process. even if you want revenge or whatever for molesting girls 20 years ago. that man needed a shrink. not a gun.