Friday, May 29, 2009

food has to be eaten?

i love food. but i like reading about food and looking at pictures of food more than making and eating food. i guess it has to do with only having myself to feed and it's not as much fun and it's alot of work. the good thing is that if i mess up, nobody knows. i just have to suffer through eating horrible food. sometimes i take food to rina's house and get my cooking fix in. but usually i just look at recipes and say "hmm.. i wonder how i can modify this so i can make it at rina's house". mordy has said that he likes when i go over bc i usually bring something exotic. i made them vegetable soup when everyone was sick (rina didn't want to have chicken soup), wontons, tostones, seaweed soup, and rhubarb compote. i don't think these things are exotic. just different from things they usually eat. and i love that they aren't picky eaters and are willing to let me take over their kitchen every once in a while.

the last time i went to visit, we passed a dry goods store. i got pretty excited and asked them if they sold beans and stuff. rina said no. more like paper plates. mordy asked me if all i ever think about is food. is it bad that the answer is yes, usually?

i took an inventory of my fridge earlier today. i have sandwich meat, a bunch of asparagus, a bunch of ramps, a thing of ginger, and tomatoes. this is only because a couple days ago i made nettle pesto and green garlic pesto. and i made rhubarb compote last week. i blame tastespotting for the nettles, green garlic, ramps, sunchokes, and rhubarb. well, maybe not the rhubarb. but nettles and ramps, yes. i really hope the ramps get made into something and i don't have to resort to making a third pesto. my roommates must think i'm crazy. my food consists of four types of flour, two pestos, random veggies, kimchee, asian sauces, and american condiments. oh, and about twelve cups of ganache. but this is only because at work we make ganache for the hot chocolate and i usually take home a cup. even though it hasn't been hot chocolate weather. but i'm sure i can find ways to eat that chocolate. oh, and i bring back a loaf of bread at least once a week. but rarely finish the loaf. someday i'll make croutons or bread crumbs or bruchetta or something. hmm... maybe i should stop bringing stuff back.

Friday, May 15, 2009

so. i have a blog.

so. i have this blog. the one you're looking at right now. but the last post was back in december. i've decided to change that. now i'm going to try to update more frequently. maybe writing about weird things i see around this crazy city. like when i saw a stroller locked to a pipe outside of a montesori last week. or the double rainbow i saw a couple days ago. or the movie crew that was setting up for the nicholas cage movie (based on fantasia but live action.. doesn't sound good) in time square. but these things are one sentance long. and sometimes they're fragments. they never seem blog worthy. maybe i should add a picture. maybe i'll blog about what i ate. although that could be boring. seeing as in the last week i made pasta, quesadillas, sandwiches, and bread dipped in pasta sauce or bbq sauce. and they're nothing spectacular. sometimes they'er just sad. bread dipped in pasta sauce? that probably has negative nutrients. but it's something to eat until i get to work and fill myself with (more) bread and cookies. in any case, i've decided to blog a bit more.