Sunday, November 20, 2005

best concert EVER!

last night i went to the kuumbwa jazz center (koo-um-bwa. not koom-ba-wa like i pronounced it up until last night) where i saw four lovely ladies playing the best guitar music ever. the show was called la guitara. it's basically an all female guitar concert. the organizer, patty larkin made a compilation cd of 14 different female guitarists. the styles ranged from classical to cajun to alterna-folk to folk.. such fun to listen to. muriel anderson played the harp guitar and the classical guitar. but somehow, she was able to make it so that the classical guitar sounded like a banjo, mandolin, fiddle, i don't even know what else. so fun to listen to. and she seemed to enjoy herself up on stage. kind of making fun of herself and just having fun. it turns out that they guy i sat next to is friends with muriel anderson. when she first started out, he was a concert organizer and she called him up and he let her crash at his place. i thought that was pretty cool. and kaki king was also great. i don't know what instrument she played. it kind of looked like a zyther. but i don't know. i was sitting behind tall ppl. like stupid person. but to get the full effect of her, you have to watch her music video from her website. she was the only person i knew before going to the show. but i like her enough to say eh, well.. the rest might be good. i also went to to listen to 30 second clips of the other ladies' songs. although only listening to 30 seconds can get a bit aggrivating after a while. especially if you're trying to do it on my SLOOOOOW computer. anyways, so yeah. kaki king apparently originally started off on drums. so when you see her video, you see her strumming and "drumming" on the guitar. very cool to hear. and mimi fox was fun to hear too. she's really got really into her music and was able to just go off and have fun. her eyes were closed but her mouth was mouthing the sound that the guitar was making. silent onomonopeia (my favorite word, by the way). and the last person to play was also the person who organized the tour and the only one to sing, patty larkin. she sang songs that she had recorded and played guitar and was fantabulous. her songs were interesting too. made me wish i had a spare $100 or so to buy all their cd's. in the end, they all came together and they played the duke ellington song caravan. b/c they were playing the a jazz club and seemed appropriate. they also came out to do an encore. it was a song lead by muriel anderson on her harp guitar. good stuff. i ended up buying the compolation cd. which is awesome. and all the artists seemed approachable. but i couldn't say anything to them. i wish i had though. b/c they were really approachable and seemed like nice, down to earth ppl. also, i wanted them to sign my cd. but by the time i bought it, they'd already left. the cd line was crazy long.

ps. how is it that i just now figured out that there's a button on top that lets me link to sites?

Friday, November 04, 2005

a virtual funeral

all i can say is wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. it's a mix between kinda funny and really really sad. and slightly political. computer games are not things the chinese gov't should regualte.

so anyways, i got a friend request from a guy on myspace the other day. apparently we went to paly together. except that with me, it's more or less "out of sight, out of mind". and his pictures aren't clear enough for me to know who he is. it took me alot of searching effort to even figure out his name. anyways, his myspace made me decide that today was the perfect day for me to look at ppl who went to/graduated from paly. i limited my earch to ppl between the ages of 23 and 35 and found a bunch of ppl. including james franco. i found it interesting that he only has 75 friends. i would expect more.
i felt slightly stalkerish looking at ppl's sites online. but at the same time, i didn't really care. i got to read up on ppl's lives after college. or the past 5 years since graduating, whichever is more applicable.