Saturday, November 27, 2004


i went home wednesday in time for me and alice to watch the motorcycle diaries. kristin had to go to class so she couldn't go with us. alice didn't know it is based on a true story. but it's not like che is talked about much in school. it's a good movie. and very pretty.
on thursday, kristin, alice, my mom, and i went to my uncle's house to make won tons. my cousins michelle, jenny, jake, and julie helped us make the wontons. and julie's boyfriend came to help and jenny's boyfriend came to help. so did david and michael siegel. enough ppl to make about 1000 wontons. which were mostly eatten by the end of the day. in my family, thanksgiving is all about turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and wontons. not always in that order. there were 33 ppl over for dinner so we had to make more than normal. it was crazy. 2 round tables full of ppl filling and folding wontons. but eventually, we had to take a break. so most of us went to play frisbee golf at jordan. it's hosted by the ziesler family every year. and has been for the last 12 years. 2 yrs ago, they even had 10th anniversary frisbee gold t shirts made. hehe.. a couple of the ppl were wearing them. kristin and i were a team. we got a 62 but i think that we counted wrong b/c that puts us in second place. after the game, we went back to my uncle's house where i helped jenny make her turkey. and almost all the wontons were fried by that point. since there were 33 ppl comming, they made 3 turkeys. my uncle grilled his.. smoked it. jake fried his and jenny baked hers in the oven. i made the gravy. but it was thicker than i wanted it to be and was kinda lumpy. ah well. it wasn't all that bad. the tables were set up in a bit "U" shape. running from the dining room across the hall and into the living room. the adult table was only one side of the "U" and the kids section (from 18 to 32 years old) was the rest of the "U". it was kinda cool.
friday i went to frys to shop. right as i walk to the door, i see a guy holding a sign that says "free dvd player with the purchase of a tmobile cell phone plan. crazy huh? then i had to come to santa cruz in time for work. bleh. why anyone would even go out to eat after having a ton of leftovers from the night before, not to mention the fact that ppl probably woke up still full. i know i did. but yeah. after work, i made green chili with the left over turkey that i brought from home. good times. it wasn't all that bad. i had a recipie but didn't really follow it in terms of portions. b/c what am i going to do with half an onion and who knows if i have 2 lbs of turkey. ah well. it's not bad. and a nice blend of spicy. i was worried that it might be too thin for chili but claudette said it taste good. which is good. since it would be alot of hard work trying to eat something that tastes bad.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

reality tv

hi. my name is sandra and i'm a tv-aholic. which, sadly, includes reality tv. i draw the line at some things. like the surreal life, the swan, real world, road rules to name a few.. the surreal life b/c it really doens't look all that interesting. the swan b/c i think it's depressing and not a good show overall. the real world, road rules, and real world/road rules challenge b/c i never grew up with cable so i never really watched it. except for the really old ones that were on late at night on regular tv. but there are some reality shows that i do watch. i watch the simple life (to laugh at paris and nicole), the apprentice, the biggest loser, and he's a lady. omg.. he's a lady is great. it probably takes away the brain cells that i might have earned from watching the apprentice. it's basically a contest where a group of men compete to be the best lady. a drag beauty contest. very too wong foo.
i wouldn't be sad if reality tv left forever and ever. but if they think up new shows like he's a lady, i might not mind it as much. but if more shows like temptation island and the swan are created, i don't know if i'll like it too much. it's all about the concept. and how it's executed. but that's also true for all shows. but real shows have more to worry about. a good concept, good chemistry with the actors, good writing, and actual viewers. that's probably why there are so many reality shows popping up everywhere. even cable. like queer eye for the straight guy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

oh the stupid people of the world..

so, a lady paid for clothes using a fake $200 bill with bush's face on it. clearly fake. read the article. it's funny how fake it is but ppl still believe it's real.
i also read an article about finding over 1500 lbs of coke. hidden in squid. guess how they covered the smell. PEPPER!!! and the squid itself. but still.
you know, if bush and chenney die, condoleza would become the first black president and the first female president. kill 2 birds with one stone! heh.. but it won't happen. bush and chenney won't die. i just think it's kinda funny. not funny. just kinda interesting.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

where for art thou, ksjo???

ksjo. 92.3 it was always there. they always talked about all the years it's been on the air and being the longest rock station in the bay area. and now.. it's a spanish oldies station?? what? ksjo can be heard here in santa cruz and all of a sudden it was a spanish station. i thought "oh, well, maybe they sold their santa cruz station. i'm sure it's still around in the bay area." but it wasn't. i wonder why they don't give any notice. and what happens to all the dj's? ah well. the songs are pretty. i don't always know what they're saying though. since it's in spanish and all. there's this one spanish station in santa cruz. it's called "super estrella". it's alot of love songs. claudette calls it soap opera music. and, really... i can hear it too. very dramatic singing.
today at work, i found out i was half an hour late, ended up doing the dishes, cut myself on a stainless steel pot, and had a huge stainless steel 1ft by 1ft square bowl thing fall on my head. yay for quiznos'. i think the cut hurt the most. i had to keep washing the dishes so it was always irritated by the dirty water. ah well. i'm sure my immune system is tough enough for dish washing germs.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


why don't things with descriptive words live up to what they say? like tissue paper. right now we have angel soft. by the name you would expect it to be soft. but right before angel soft, we had charmin. charmin was MUCH softer than angel soft is. also, angel soft has this "quilted" quality to it. i don't know if it's supposed to make it softer. b/c it doesn't. well, it's better than the school toilet paper. but everything is better than school toilet paper.
while i was googleing angel soft, i came across the virtual toilet paper museum. you have to check it out. i hope that shows up as a link.
and clean and clear. "clean and clear and under control". BAH! in middle school i used dial bar soap and i got my face clean and clear and under control. ppl think i'm crazy when i tell them that i used bar soap b/c it's so harsh on your face. but hey, it worked for me.
also, soft and dry isn't the softest and dryest deoderant that i've ever had. the arm and hammer brand one i had right before it did the job just fine. and made me feel like i was dryer. well, no. i really don't know about that b/c i really don't care enough about deoderants to compare them accuratly. i just couldn't think of another thing with a descriptive word in it.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

being the filthy liberal that i am, i was sad about the election

there's one chick in my class who's wearing black for the week b/c of the re-election. and she told me that she met someone who is going to wear black for four years. CRAZINESS!!! i was sad when kerry lost. but the way i see it, he won well. he got most of the votes and most of the people who bothered to vote voted bush. i'm just not looking foreward to more war in iraq. maybe if there was a real plan and a real goal. a real goal is not tring to eradicate all terrorism in the world. and really, it' not like all of the world's terrorists are iraqi. but it's also a bit too late for us to back away from it. we'll probably always have some sort of military there. kinda like there's always military in okinawa and s.korea. well, maybe not forever. but a long while anyways.
a nice thing that came out of the elections was a bumper sticker that i saw. it said: NO CARB and underneath it said: Cheney Ashcroft Rumsfeld Bush. heehee. that's alot better than the normal campaign bumper stickers. the ones that just say "bush cheney" or kerry edwards".

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

election day

so, it's election day. and p. diddy and all of mtv have been saying forever and a half to vote. or die. so i voted. but.. everyone telling me to vote or die is really turning me off to voting. i mean, i've always voted every year since i could. and i've always told ppl to vote. b/c the way i see it, you have no right to complain about things you don't like if you don't vote in the first place. but i kind of thought the whole vote or die thing was a bit over-the-top. i mean, sure. tons of ppl don't vote every year. but i really don't think that after the whole gore-bush voting hell, as many ppl will stay away from the voting booths today.