Sunday, September 11, 2005

i don't want to grow up, i'm a toy's r us kid

so i've moved back home. back to the world of parents and no clear idea of what's going to happen. i've been applying to jobs and waiting for replies. i'm also going back to santa cruz every other weekend to take classes at cabrillo. b/c i like certificates and with these classes, i can get a lab work/archive certificate. which would go nicely with my field survey and excavation certificate. the only thing is that my schedule gets all kinds of messed up since it's6-9 on friday and 8-5 on saturday and sunday. so on saturday especially i was so sleepy in class. but at least it's every other friday and not every day. this way i can have a job on the weekdays. once i find one. and until then, i have grand plans to get my tivo working. who knows how to hook up tivo? i've got close to 80 hrs of days of our lives i need to transfer onto vhs.

over the weekend, i watched the last two episodes of a tv show that won't air. it's called "welcome to the neighborhood" where three families in a cul de sac get to choose their new neighbors. there was a latino, black, gay, asian, punk, wiccan, and stripper mom family. each episode, one family gets voted off until there's a winner and that family gets to move in. the neighbors are christian white families. One is a very christian white family who have issues with the gay family with a black adopted toddler. the show can't be aired b/c there were too many lawsuits and abc, owned by disney, decided to just settle instead. it would have TOTALLY been a great show though. i watched the last two and wish that i could have seen the first four. but yeah.. i'd rather settle than deal with GLADD, NAACP, etc..

on another note, in my sad and pathetic attempt to donate to the katrina victims, i've beeing drinking at nola's. they have hurricanes and every $3 goes to katrina. as well as 20% of september's earnings. i was also meaning to go to trader joe's bake sale until i realized it was last saturday.

odd... but there's a backpack that conducts energy. that would be pretty cool if it was big enough to conduct energy and store stuff and not be too bulky. i think it's still in the planning stages though.