Monday, December 05, 2005

an unnatural facination with houses

someday, i want to live in lots of different types of houses. i've lived in a house, dorm, and apartment so far. but there are also times when i want to live in unconventional houses. even just temporarily. i want to make and live in and igloo. but then again, i have a romanticized vision of the arctic. that's a big reason why i can't go to alaska/the arctic in the winter. it would ruin the vision in my head of everyone living in igloos and eatting whale blubber. i know that people don't live in igloos anymore. but.... yeah. i've still got that romanticized vision. and i'm going to have to make an igloo someday and get that out of my system. but today, i discovered a different kind of house i want to make and live in. a yurt. i wouldn't want to live in it forever. just long enough to get that out of my system. but since it is used by nomads, i can collapse it and take it camping too! so yes. i've found a summer project.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

best concert EVER!

last night i went to the kuumbwa jazz center (koo-um-bwa. not koom-ba-wa like i pronounced it up until last night) where i saw four lovely ladies playing the best guitar music ever. the show was called la guitara. it's basically an all female guitar concert. the organizer, patty larkin made a compilation cd of 14 different female guitarists. the styles ranged from classical to cajun to alterna-folk to folk.. such fun to listen to. muriel anderson played the harp guitar and the classical guitar. but somehow, she was able to make it so that the classical guitar sounded like a banjo, mandolin, fiddle, i don't even know what else. so fun to listen to. and she seemed to enjoy herself up on stage. kind of making fun of herself and just having fun. it turns out that they guy i sat next to is friends with muriel anderson. when she first started out, he was a concert organizer and she called him up and he let her crash at his place. i thought that was pretty cool. and kaki king was also great. i don't know what instrument she played. it kind of looked like a zyther. but i don't know. i was sitting behind tall ppl. like stupid person. but to get the full effect of her, you have to watch her music video from her website. she was the only person i knew before going to the show. but i like her enough to say eh, well.. the rest might be good. i also went to to listen to 30 second clips of the other ladies' songs. although only listening to 30 seconds can get a bit aggrivating after a while. especially if you're trying to do it on my SLOOOOOW computer. anyways, so yeah. kaki king apparently originally started off on drums. so when you see her video, you see her strumming and "drumming" on the guitar. very cool to hear. and mimi fox was fun to hear too. she's really got really into her music and was able to just go off and have fun. her eyes were closed but her mouth was mouthing the sound that the guitar was making. silent onomonopeia (my favorite word, by the way). and the last person to play was also the person who organized the tour and the only one to sing, patty larkin. she sang songs that she had recorded and played guitar and was fantabulous. her songs were interesting too. made me wish i had a spare $100 or so to buy all their cd's. in the end, they all came together and they played the duke ellington song caravan. b/c they were playing the a jazz club and seemed appropriate. they also came out to do an encore. it was a song lead by muriel anderson on her harp guitar. good stuff. i ended up buying the compolation cd. which is awesome. and all the artists seemed approachable. but i couldn't say anything to them. i wish i had though. b/c they were really approachable and seemed like nice, down to earth ppl. also, i wanted them to sign my cd. but by the time i bought it, they'd already left. the cd line was crazy long.

ps. how is it that i just now figured out that there's a button on top that lets me link to sites?

Friday, November 04, 2005

a virtual funeral

all i can say is wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. it's a mix between kinda funny and really really sad. and slightly political. computer games are not things the chinese gov't should regualte.

so anyways, i got a friend request from a guy on myspace the other day. apparently we went to paly together. except that with me, it's more or less "out of sight, out of mind". and his pictures aren't clear enough for me to know who he is. it took me alot of searching effort to even figure out his name. anyways, his myspace made me decide that today was the perfect day for me to look at ppl who went to/graduated from paly. i limited my earch to ppl between the ages of 23 and 35 and found a bunch of ppl. including james franco. i found it interesting that he only has 75 friends. i would expect more.
i felt slightly stalkerish looking at ppl's sites online. but at the same time, i didn't really care. i got to read up on ppl's lives after college. or the past 5 years since graduating, whichever is more applicable.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

an interesting email moment

a couple of weeks ago, i signed up for bella greeting cards b/c i forgot a friend's birthday and wanted to send her a belated birthday ecard. they're cards aren't that bad. but you need to pay for them. i got the card and i canceled it as soon as my friend got the card b/c there's only a two week free trial period. to cancel the subscription, you have to write out a cancelation request form thing. and today, when i checked my email, this is what i got from their site:
Your account has been cancelled.
Just out of curiousity is this Sandrah Oh the actor from Gray's Anatomy and Sideways?

I emailed the woman back and said thank you for canceling my subscription but no, i'm not the actress. but i did sign the email "Sandra Oh (the unfamous)". because, you know... i'm not famous.
kinda made me wonder about identity theft for a bit. b/c if i can't be famous, i'm going to be paranoid, DAMNIT! but yeah. identity theft is up there in my "scares me shitless" list. that and germs (i mean biological warfare. i'm not a antibacterial hand sanitizer bottle a day person) and disappointing ppl.

*The name of the emailer was removed in the off chance that she decided to google "interesting email"+"sandra oh"+"bella greeting cards" and went back about 15 of google's "O"s.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

job hunting is not fun

i've been job hunting since moving back to palo alto. and even though i say i'd take any job, i've come to realize that i won't. i've never had any desire to work in retail, i'm perfectly happy never working for another quizno's, and i'd rather not have a menial job somewhere that i could have gotten while still in high school.
but then i try looking up jobs and if they want an anthropology major, they want an MA or PhD. or they want a senior level executive or all other jobs i'm nowhere near qualified for. and then i started news link hopping until i saw an ad for jobs in korea. i signed up for that board and have now recieved a bunch of job listings by email. here's an excerpt: "This school wants a brand name college graduate" (is ucsc a brand name?). all the jobs so far have been related to teaching english and you don't need any certification. and the thing is, i'm pretty sure i won't take these jobs. it's a bit of a commute. and a commitment. i don't want to go there, get settled, and then get fired. not to mention how behind i'd be on days of our lives! actually, i think that it would be interesting to work in a different country. but people there will not like me for my poor korean skills and my lack of teaching experience. ah well. i'm off to find out about more jobs i'm uber unqualified for.

Friday, October 14, 2005

at the risk of sounding like a total alcoholic...

i think drinking alcohol is fun. i don't do it excessivly. more or less social drinking. although i have had my moments of bowing down to the porcelin god(dess). my two top favorites have to be fat tire and guiness. they are very yummy. but today i found a new beer. unfortunatley, it's seasonal. it's a pumpkin ale. if you can get it, try. so spicey and yummy. tastes so much like nutmeg! mmmmmmm... like a liquid pumpkin pie.. minus the crust. my least favorite has to be a hefewiezen. the only good thing is that if you order it at a bar, they'll give you a slice of lemon. and lemons are yummy.
on another note, i've been reading alot of non-thinking books. so instead of reading about the first hominid to walk, i'm reading the shopaholics series. it's alot like a chick flick in print. yayness. along with any other shopie kinsella book and one called jemima j. ...someday, i'll read mentally stimulating books. until then, chick flicks in print, here i come!
also, i saw shera! sheera? shira? rina's baby! woo! such a cutie. she looks alot like mordy. you can still see bits of rina though too. such a cutie.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

just thought these were so funny!

Stupid Celebrity Quotes

"Where's Austria?"
David Hasselhoff, Baywatch star, when told he has five gold albums as a singer in Austria.

"Beyond its entertainment value, Baywatch has enriched and, in many cases, helped save lives. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to continue with a project which has has such a significance for so many."
David Hasselhoff

"Good looking people turn me off. Myself included."
Patrick Swayze

"Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life."
Brooke Shields, during an interview to become spokesperson for a federal anti-smoking campaign

"There is certainly more in the future now than back in 1964."
Roger Daltrey

"I feel my best when I'm happy."
Winona Ryder

"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can't help but cry. I mean I'd love to be skinny like that but not with all those flies and death and stuff."
Mariah Carey

"I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever."
Miss Alabama at the 1994 Miss Universe pageant, when asked "If you could live forever, would you and why?"

"I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our 52 states."
Raquel Welch on Larry King Live

"I don't know all the certain words to word it."
Vanilla Ice, on why he hired a ghostwriter for his autobiography

"I can do anything you want me to do as long as I don't have to speak."
Linda Evangelista

"A bachelor's life is no life for a single man."
Samuel Goldwyn

"We all get heavier as we get older because there's a lot more information in our heads."
Vlade Divac, Basketball player

"Every city I go to is an oppurtunity to paint, whether it's Omaha or Hawaii."
Tony Bennett, Singer

"Where the hell is Australia anyway?"
Britney Spears

"In an action film you act in the action, in a drama film you act in the drama."
Jean-Claude Van Damme

"We've got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?"
Lee Iacocca, Chairman of the Chrysler corporation

"Deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other."
Donald Trump

"You can hardly tell where the computer models finish and the real dinosaurs begin"
Laura Dern, about the special effects in the movie Jurassic Park

"I loved Jordan. He was one of the greatest athletes of our time."
Mariah Carey on hearing of the death of the King of Jordan.

"To have your niece die in your arms is the greatest gift from god"
Celine Dion

my favorites have to be mariah carey's, miss alabama's, and raquel welch's comments. too funny!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i don't want to grow up, i'm a toy's r us kid

so i've moved back home. back to the world of parents and no clear idea of what's going to happen. i've been applying to jobs and waiting for replies. i'm also going back to santa cruz every other weekend to take classes at cabrillo. b/c i like certificates and with these classes, i can get a lab work/archive certificate. which would go nicely with my field survey and excavation certificate. the only thing is that my schedule gets all kinds of messed up since it's6-9 on friday and 8-5 on saturday and sunday. so on saturday especially i was so sleepy in class. but at least it's every other friday and not every day. this way i can have a job on the weekdays. once i find one. and until then, i have grand plans to get my tivo working. who knows how to hook up tivo? i've got close to 80 hrs of days of our lives i need to transfer onto vhs.

over the weekend, i watched the last two episodes of a tv show that won't air. it's called "welcome to the neighborhood" where three families in a cul de sac get to choose their new neighbors. there was a latino, black, gay, asian, punk, wiccan, and stripper mom family. each episode, one family gets voted off until there's a winner and that family gets to move in. the neighbors are christian white families. One is a very christian white family who have issues with the gay family with a black adopted toddler. the show can't be aired b/c there were too many lawsuits and abc, owned by disney, decided to just settle instead. it would have TOTALLY been a great show though. i watched the last two and wish that i could have seen the first four. but yeah.. i'd rather settle than deal with GLADD, NAACP, etc..

on another note, in my sad and pathetic attempt to donate to the katrina victims, i've beeing drinking at nola's. they have hurricanes and every $3 goes to katrina. as well as 20% of september's earnings. i was also meaning to go to trader joe's bake sale until i realized it was last saturday.

odd... but there's a backpack that conducts energy. that would be pretty cool if it was big enough to conduct energy and store stuff and not be too bulky. i think it's still in the planning stages though.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

sandra has left a heartbroken quizno's for the world of the unknown

today was my last day at quizno's. it was the best ever. b/c i knew it was my last day and they knew it was my last day. and quizno's is slow so i didn't have to make many sandwiches. most of the day i spent stnading and sort of cleaning. then 4:00 rolled around and i threw away my cup that quizno's gave me so i can drink as much soda as i want, clocked out, and left. FOREVER!! i couldn't stop smiling from when i threw my cup away to when i walked home. NO MORE QUIZNOS! yay! then i went home, showered, waited for my friend megan to come over so we can go to safeway. there we bought marshmellows, chocolate, grahm crackers, firewood, lighter fluid, and beer. then we realized we had left some things back at my place. so we went back and got coat hangers, chips, and a few random alcoholic beverages and headed out for seabright beach. we were on the road when pat called us. she was already at the beach. then we sat, shot the shit, drank, and eventually started the fire. pat had to get back early so i burned my shoe laces, tounges, and a pair of pants. all these were clothes that i wore under my quizno's uniform and it felt good to do it. such stinky clothing. a bit later, tim and his friend dave stopped by and i burned another pair of pants. then pat had to go home to see if her husband fed their kids or not. and holly and matt showed up. and as tim and matt left, jeannette came. then i tossed my last bit of clothing - my shirt into the fire. so much fun. although it was a bit drawn out. i kinda wish i had done it one right after the other. but ppl kept comming at random points of the evening thati couldn't. then at 10 the ranger person came and said that we had to leave b/c the beach was closed. luckily we had hidden our beers and he didn't catch us. we were innocently roasting marshmellows at that point. then we left the beach and i dropped jeannette off at her car and holly and matt downtown. megan and i went home to sleep. yay for burning quizno's clothes! yay for no more quizno's!

on a side note, i'm leaving santa cruz by the 31st and if you know anyone who needs a full mattress and box spring, a desk, wood filing cabinet, fold out couch, 2 lamps, 2 rolling chairs, or a table, tell them to contact me. b/c i'm selling.

Monday, August 08, 2005

rina had a baby!! (name tba)

rina had a healthy and happy baby girl on saturday! yay for mordy and rina! according to sarita, they have picked out a name but aren't telling anyone just yet. the pictures show happy parents and a cutie of a baby.

to all you days of our lives watchers: i LOVED the past couple days. seriously, i've watched the friday episode maybe 4 times and today's twice already. WOO!! kate's gotten what she deserves and today foreshadowed more bad stuff to come crashing down on her. WOO! and it made me wish i were alone in the apartment b/c then i could really say "WOO!" outloud and be more animated about the show. but daniel doesn't know the full extent of my obsessiveness about the show. and i figured that wasn't the best way to introduce it to him. although it's my passive mission to get him to like the show and kind of understand what's going on. i watch the show while he's on his computer in the same room. sometimes anyways.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

wow.. long time no blog

ok, i just check and the last time i blogged was when i graduated. so i guess this is the time for me to give the internet world the latest in sandra news.
right after i graduated, i started my archaeology technology program at cabrillo college in aptos. it's broken down into three classes: survey, excavation, and lab. i finished survey and excavation already. i start lab on monday. it's been pretty fun. and the ppl in the class are pretty cool (for the most part). and like all anthro/archaeology ppl, alcoholics. every friday we all went to the seabright brewery to just hang out. which would have been super fun if i had been able to go every friday. but i had sucky quizno's to deal with.
the survey class was all about map making, reading maps, how to do surface searches for artifacts, and all that fun stuff. we had a three day camping trip to los padres national forest to survey. that was pretty fun. the excavation class was the actual digging part. we were at the redman hirahara house in watsonville. you can see it from hwy 1. it's the old victorian that's falling apart. it's the first japanese american site to be excavated. which was exciting. we at first wanted to see if there would be a clear anglo level and a clear asian level. but there wasn't. but that's ok. we found a ton of stuff anyways. lot of glass, buttons, tools, ceramics, gravel, dirt, and clay. and in the lab class, we're gonna sort everything into categories (interior decoration, kitchen, architecture, etc) and then identify things. like going through the sears roebuck catalog and saying "oh! here's the shirt that button came from!" but yeah, you should see us. it's a group of 30 ppl all wearing hats, long sleaved shirts and pants, doing various excavation things. we're an odd sight to see. all covered up and all.
aside from the class, which runs from 8-5 monday to friday, i also have quizno's. so by the time i come home, watch days of our lives, and shower, i'm half asleep. which is great if you don't want to talk to ppl ever during the class. but yeah. ...good times... the only thing i've kept up with is my soap and email. and seriously, in that order.
also, i now have a roommate. which is cool. b/c he can pay half the rent and i don't have to go insanely into debt over the stupid rent. he's quiet, from wisconsin, 20 and we never see each other. he wakes up and leaves for his internship before me, comes back when i go to work, and sleeps before i come home from work. it's like living with an invisible person. odd.
right after this program ends, i'm leaving santa cruz. which will be interesting. so yeah, if you know anyone in santa cruz who wants furniture, send them my way. i have a couch, tables, chairs, a desk, bookshelf.. yeah. it'll be interesting.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


yay! i graduated! (finally!) i went to two graduations. one for the anthro dept. and one for my college. the anthro dept one was pretty cool. i got to see alot of the graduating anthro ppl. that's where they gave out awards and honors. i didn't get any but cheered for the ppl who did. my friend won the physical anthro essay writing contest. he won $500!! he wrote about primate play. such a cute topic. afterwards, jessica, carol, claudette, and i went to a bar for "lunch" with the lab manager. richard is the coolest person in the world. i want my office to look just like his when i grow up. and he knows everything about everything. the coolest guy ever. after "lunch", we dropped richard off at school and the four of us went for real food. i thought my food had too much peanut sauce but whatever. it tasted good cold. later on, claudette and i went to her high school's graduation. the school she teaches at is so small and hippie.. there were two graduating seniors and the graduation was on the beach. it was a potluck beach graduation. everyone got to say what they liked about empire academy and other people can say what they like about the person. so for a bit under 20 students, the graduation took almost 3 hrs!! i ended up snacking on chips and salsa while waiting. it was nice to put a face to the stories that claudette would tell me.
the next day was my college graduation. ucsc is broken down into 10 different colleges so my college had a couple hundred walkers. since i'm a transfer student, i didn't know many people that i graduated with. i knew a grand total of 6 people. one of them is me. we got to sit next to anyone we wanted so that was nice. seeing as i really would have gone crazy sitting next to strangers. but yeah. ashley and i sat next to each other. i had a random politics major i didn't know next to me but next to him were max and sam. they're also anthro majors and i do know them. it made me wish that he didn't sit between me and sam. ah well. anyways, the graduation took place at the upper quarry. so while most colleges had a nice ocean view, i got a rock wall. i guess if ppl were bored enough, they could go mine for limestone. but yeah. there were no chairs!! there where stadium style seats but it was wooden planks on dirt. ashley and i were saying that our moms must be so annoyed that they paid so much for our tuition and they had to sit on dirt while wearing fancy clothes.
after the graduation, we went to lunch at margaritaville. where none of us had a margarita. i had camarones el diablo. jumbo prawns in i think chipotle sauce. it was very spicy. they had very good salsa for their chips though. after lunch, i went home in a food coma and took a nap. after the nap, i went out with jessica and carol to celebrate our graduation and end of school (for now). we later met up with claudette, ashley, ashley's sister samantha, richard, and his partner kai. richard and i played a horrible game of pool. i could not get that stupid eight ball in. either i suck at pool or i just wasn't sober at the time. i think it's a combination of the two.
yay graduation!
now i've got to go to bed so i can wake up on time for summer school. (WHAT?! ... yeah, i don't know either)

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

sandra the stalker

so guess what i just spent about two hours doing? stalking the actors of days of our lives. on myspace. sad, i know. anyways, i found three. jason cook, ashley benson, and amanda musgrave. also, i have amanda musgrave's aim. i've never talked to her. b/c really.. that's creepy. jason has a ton of chicks as his friend. with alot of his comments saying "hey, thanks for the add" or "you've been hit with the sexy truck" with picture of a truck. all three have pictures of themselves and of them on the set. which i thought was cool. and made it that much easier to know for sure that they were the actors of dool. but yeah, after all that searching, i didn't request an add. maybe i will but i don't know. maybe i'll message them. wow. hello. my name is sandra oh and i'm a dool obsessed stalker.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

i heart bread.

i'm taking a tae kwon do class right now. it's week nine right now and i think i've gone to a grand total of about 3 weeks worth of classes. i felt so guilty about missing so many classes that i went this week. at the end of class, master song says "so sandra, what's the story? why have you missed so many classes?" in front of everyone. to which all i could do was say "uhhh.. duuhhhh.. i dunnoo" b/c mostly, i miss the class because i'm sleeping. or wake up only 15 minutes before class. from my apartment to the bustop, it's about a 5-7 minute walk at the sandra pace that i go. and from the bustop to campus, it's about 10-20 minutes depending on where on campus you want to be dropped off and how many stops/people there are. so if i wake up at 915, i don't see the point in going. anyways, i went to class both days this week. and now i'm sore. i think i need to stretch out my calves more. at the beginning of class, we stretch most muscles except for the calves. i guess i should go in a bit eariler and strech out my calves. but it was fun to do jump kicks again.

i decided that i want to experiement with bread. so far, i've made challah and two different types of white breads. one was a vegan white bread. which wasn't bad at all. although, i halved the recipie wrong and added the full amount of flour. it just made the bread a bit more chewy though. nothing too bad. today, i bought wheat and soy flours. so next i'm going to try baking a low carb bread, wheat bread, and multi grain bread. i asked my friend if she'd help me eat all the bread and thank god she said yes. or i'd have some VERY well-fed ducks following me.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

queer fashion show!!

i went to the queer fashion show today! it was SOO much fun! one of my friends, jeremy, was in it. and a few random aquaintences were in it too. i went with holly but we didn't have tickets. so i picked her up, drove to campus, waited until they started selling tickets, bought 2 of the last 8 tickets available, and drove off for some quick chinese food. word of advice. don't go to a sit down restaurant for a quick meal before a show. also, don't eat chinese food in santa cruz. there's a reason why we're known for taquerias and not chinese places. anyways, i was being a brat about it the whole time. holly wanted chinese food so we went. the show started at 8 and we got seated at about 6:30/45ish. but i wanted to eat and leave by 7:15 so that we can drive back up, get a decent parking spot, and find a good seat. we order, wait for food, gobble it up, and wait (what i think is ) forever for the check and togo boxes. well, it really was a long time b/c the waitress was doing double duty with the take out orders and waitressing other customers. and we never told her we were in a hurry. all the while, i'm telling holly that we have to leave and that the waitress should have given us our checks already. holly became a bit irritated, i'm sure. we leave the restaurant at about 7:20ish and zoom off to park. surprisingly, i found a spot pretty close. then we rushed off to get a seat. a couple professors and classmates were in the second row but had no spaces left for us so we went to sit farther back. but stefanie comes and says that the couple they were saving spots for didn't look like they were comming so we could take their spot. YAY! so holly and i moved up but behind a tall guy with poofy hair. ah well. jeremy wasn't blocked. the rows were set up so that they went diagonaly. we sat on the other end of the runway and closer to the main stage. i wish we were closer to the runway but no matter. it was fun anyways.
the fashion show was not alot of fashion but alot of dancing. and sending pro-queer messages. there was one part where it was couture. good stuff. all very nicely coreographed and everything. or dancing disguised as skits. there was one about body image, another that was very west side story(pinks vs. blues). jeremy was in one about stereotypes.

on a side note, i love cirque de soleil. i tivo'd the cirque-a-thon that bravo had last weekend and i'm wataching it now. and since i don't go to vegas, i can't see them live so tv is the best way for me to see the show. and even if i did go to vegas, i can't see myself spending over $100 for a ticket. i can't' see myself even gambling with that much money! but if i win big, i'd spring for a ticket. :) and if i wing REALLY big, maybe 2 tickets.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ucsc is way too hippie-ful

so, within the past week, there has been a strike, a tent univeristy, a walk-out, and 420. omg.. i keep forgetting that santa cruz is full of hippies. and then weeks like this come up and i say "oh, yeah. santa cruz is hippieful"...
the strike was about union workers not getting a pay raise in 2ish years and not being paid a living wage. which i kind of agree with except for the fact that most dishwashers don't make a living wage anyways. the strike was for clerical workers, janitorial, and others. the city buses had a sympathy strike and didn't cross the picket lines. the shuttle busses on campus didn't run b/c they were also doing a sympathy strike or were a part of the strike. i'm unclear on this. in any case, they weren't running either. so if you wanted to go to class, you'd take the bus to the base of campus and walk to class. i don't know if you know about ucsc's landscape but it's a mountain. a big, huge, hike through the wilderness type of school. NOT FUN. and the dining halls were closed, the libraries, basically the whole school. my professor said that i could email her and say that i support the strike and she'd excuse us. so i emailed her and stayed home. hee!
here's an article about it
the tent university is very unclear on why their doing it. what are they protesting? i don't know. they just have tents set up at the base of campus. which is why the police came at 10pm to arrest them. there's even a video.
here's an article about it and thing is, all the hippies cried police brutallity. when really, they did pressure point things for them to pass out and arrest the people. there was no batton. and the worst injury anyone would get are bruises from the pressure points and such. the school told them that if they were on the base of campus, they would be arrested. but the base of campus is considered city land ad you can't camp on city land. if they had listened to the school, they could have moved it to any part of campus and not gotten arrested. their stupidity. there are some classes that were held at tent university. WHO ARE THESE HIPPIE PROFESSORS??
and today there's a walk-out. i think it's to stop budget cuts. apparently is a state-wide walk-out. but the walk out is scheduled for noon and i don't have a class at noon. what am i going to walk out on? the computer lab? riiiight... and the walk out just happens to be on 420. hermm.. i wonder what ppl will be doing instead of staying in class?
looking up the articles reminded me of a few weeks ago. there was a job faire and just like every job faire, there were military recruits. but the santa cruz hippies would have none of that. so they blocked the job faire entrance until the recruiters left. but i think that's bad. i mean, i'm sure there's someone who may have wanted to talk to the military. they recruiters should be there for that option.
sometimes, this school makes me feel like an uber-conservative. then i go back to palo alto where i'm just a silly liberal. one time, i was eatting with a couple friends when a chick asked if she could share our table. we were fine with it b/c the rest of the place was full. then she started to talk about some sort of gathering to protest about fair wages, promotions, and such. about how they should promote internally. i'm perfectly fine with that except that sometimes the best person for the job can't be found internally. promotions should be based on merit, not seniority.
420 is a big day in santa cruz. so big that even rolling stone wrote a whole article about it. i can't find it but it was pretty funny. although the administration didn't think so. i haven't seen it but next to porter college there's a meadow. and last year and the year before, there were a bunch of ppl who got together and smoked out. i wish i could have taken a picture at 4:21. apparently there was a big mushroom cloud-ish thing of smoke. but there were also alot of police there to arrest anyone they wanted. bahh.. crazy santa cruz hippies.
crazy crazy hippies.

ok, so apparently the links don't work and i don't know html to fix it so here are the urls. the one for the sj mercury makes you sign up for access to the articles but it's free

Monday, April 04, 2005

bumper stickers

on my walk to work i read alot of different bumper stickers. really, whenever i see a bumper sticker i have to read it. some are funny, some are political, some confuse me.
the funny ones i like. like there's one that says "what the fuck am i thinking?" with michael jackson's picture right next to it. or "shut up hippie". i know there are others that are funnier but i can't think of them right now.
it's the political ones i wonder about. like all the cars that have kerry/edwards stickers. what's going to happen to them? i mean, it's not like they'll run ever again. all it says is that in 2004, you voted for the losing team. or proposition 208. from when? 1996? but if it's a political issue, i guess that's ok. like putting up a pro-life sticker or something. things that will be debatable forever and clearly state your position.
the confusing ones say "flirt harder. i'm a physicist." i really don't get that one. do i have to be a physicist to understand it? i've only taken high school physics so i have no idea what flirting has to do with anything physics related. there's another one that has to do with being a scientist. i don't remember it right now though. i think it said "back off man, i'm a scientist". does that mean not to tailgate because you're a scientist? b/c i don't think that being a scientist will stop ppl from tailgating you. i know it doesn't stop me. and how do i know that you reall are a scientist? and then there are some bumper stickers that i want. like "keep santa cruz weird" or "i love santa cruz diner". and some i don't want. like the ones about being a goddess or whatever. the only thing is, i don't think i'd ever put bumper stickers on my car. b/c i know that if i have one, i'll want another. and another. and another. then i'll become THAT car. the one with more bumper sticker than paint on it. and that's just not pretty. and it's a traffic hazard.

Friday, March 25, 2005

shooting range!

i went to a shooting range today! it was really cool. philip, claudette, holly, and her brother jason and i all went to go shooting. we shot three different kinds of guns. the revolover was the most fun. philip took pictures and video of all of us. there's a video of me shooting the revolver and the recoil was powerful enough to shoot my arms up and my head back. hee! good times. it was my first time shooting and for the most part, i hit the target. some hit the paper but not the guy. and i'm pretty sure i missed the paper altogether on some shots. we spent a bit over an hour there. we used two different ranges with us trading off and taking turns with the guns. very diplomatic. jason's an ex-marine so his shots were all very close together and accurate. mine were all over the place. but i thought that was pretty good for my first time.

an update on my bruise. i looked at it this morning and it was bigger and more black and blue. i showed claudette and holly my bruise and they were both very impressed with how bad it looked. i'll see if i can get a picture taken of it. odd what i think is picture worthy..

se callo

i had work today from 11-3 today. but i woke up at 11. so i called in to work saying that i'd be about 10 minutes late. and got ready and ran out. RAN! the parking lot i have to run through to get to the side walk was half full of water from the rain but i saw an opening between the dumpster and the recycling bins. and that's when it happened. i ran and slipped and fell on the mud. the parking lot asphalt is about an inch or two lower than the sidewalk. so i slipped on the mud and slammed into the side of the sidewalk. ....that was fun as always. and as i fell, a woman pusing her baby in a stroller passed me and helped me get cleaned up. nice samaritan. :) she gave me a cloth wipe thing but i felt bad getting it dirty. so she gave me a bunck of baby wipes. that worked well. and i limped to work. i got there and told a very animated story about how i fell (lying a bit so it sounded worse) so that my boss would have a bit of sympathy and not be too mad for being late. he asked if i was ok and said that i would be working the cash register all day. the only thing is that i'm the only one working that shift who knew how to work the cash register. so i had more or less an indefinate break since it kept being interupped by ppl comming in. and even though i was scheduled to only work till 3, i stayed til 430 when the other shift started. which was lovely. and when i eventually looked at my thigh, i saw that i have a FAT bruise on my upper thigh. good times.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

craziness of the end of the quarter

thursday started with me being kinda nervous about my lab final. i took it, went down to the computer lab to burn my powerpoint presentation onto a cd from my zip disk. but my disk was unreadable. and i wasn't about to redo my powerpoint 2 hrs before the class. so i went to class and wrote out what i was going to say. i was 1 of 3 who didn't do a powerpoint presentation. which sucked. the class has 19 ppl in it. each person was given 10 minutes to present and 5 for questions. so 15 minutes per person. which is about 5 hrs. the class is 3. so we ended up taking 4 hrs to present. which sucked. b/c the class ended at 9pm. so we were all cranky, tired, and hungry. but our professor, nate, said that after class we could go to a bar after class. as a "yay, the quarter's over!" thing. so we did. we went to 99 bottles, a bar that sells about 103 different beers with a card system so that after you drink 99 different beers, you get a mini plaque on the wall. after 9 plaques, you get a brick. but ppl with bricks probably have liver failure now. anyways, nate was there and so were most of the people from the class. which was really cool. i'd never done that before. go out with a professor. and he said that all the drinks were on him. but alot of us bought pitchers on our own and thursdays are all day happy hour prices. also, we didn't let him pay. another guy from the class, ivan, paid for it. which i felt kinda bad about. the class should have split the bill. oh well. we left 99 to go to the blue lagoon. because by that point, being the alcoholics that we are, we felt like dancing. thursdays at the blue is 80's night. nate bought us drinks there. he surprised me by getting scotch. ivan, nate, and i had scotch, others had run and cokes, etc. then we danced. i thought the whole night was really cool. i've never done that before. the whole night was full of surprises. nate's a scotch guy, he dances, and i must seem alcoholic to him. having nate there kind of made me feel weird though. b/c he's still my professor. and the anthro dept. really isn't big. ah well. i went in to see him today to ask about my presentation. b/c he gave everyone else in the class questions but not me. and i need that kind of validation. i can't get a paper back that just says "good" on it. i need comments. and he seemed fine. or he was hiding it well. i think he was hiding it well. there are some professors that i know i'd never go out with. but others.. maybe. nate especially. just because he's not much older than us.

Sunday, March 06, 2005


usually i do the dishes when we run out of cups. to the point where we're at the verge of drinking out of espresso cups. can you imagine drinking your daily 8 oz of water from an espresso cup?!?! you'd have to refill it after each sip. but today, the limiting factor was bowls. so even if i wanted a bowl of cereal for dinner, i wouldn't be able to eat it. b/c all the bowls are dirty. or a bowl of soup. although, now that i think of it, i could have used a mug.
also, from quizno's i brought home the huge garbage bags. and since the kitchen had two safeway bags full of trash already, i put the bags in the big bag. i also put the bathroom garbage and my room's garbage in the bag. but it was still only about half full. so i left it in the kitchen. and we just kept filling that bag full of garbage. until today. when i decided that it was time to toss it when our kitchen started to smell like a dumpster. and i figured, if i was going to toss stuff, i might as well get rid of yucky things in the fridge. like my milk that expired 2 weeks ago. and dried out cheese. and rotted garlic. the garlice wasn't in the fridge. but it still needed to be tossed. and some moldy bread. i'm not so sure i like the fact that i didn't eat all that stuff before it expired. b/c as a kid, it was basically drilled into my head that you don't waste food. b/c there are a lot of starving kids in north korea and africa.
the thing is, i need the communal areas to be clean. not neccessarily my own room. my room is disgusting to the point where i can't find some papers. my bed is never made. my clothes are piled a couple layers high. my books are all over. but i don't clean it up. instead, i have to make sure the that blankets on the couch are neatly folded and that the kitchen counters are clean and the microwave is crumbless. it's like i have selective ocd.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

not fired!

for those of you who knew about my freak out session, i didn't get fired from quizno's. last sunday night i had to work the closing shift. on sundays we have to wheel the sandwich making stations to sweep behind them. i pushed one cart kinda hard b/c there are alot of wires and i had to wheel over the wires. but then the oven didn't work. and when i went to see what was wrong, i saw that the plug was a bit weird. so i went to replug it. but it sparked and freaked me out. and after that, the oven really didn't work. erika refunded everyone's money and i had a mini freak out session there. b/c i was at quizno's and couldn't have a proper one. we finished closing and went home. i decided that i needed to go out and drink and so did others. so a bunch of us went to the avenue where it happened to be the perfect thing to do. b/c a random guy put all the drinks bought by the ladies on his tab. HEE! the bartender said that at first she was a bit sketched out by the idea but he wasn't a creep. he didn't even want us to go up to him and say thank you. later, the bartended clanked a bell and said "ladies, say thank you nick" so the whole bar said "thank you nick!" haha. but the whole night i was still worried about being fired and all. i even had dreams about it that night. not fun. but then i went to work monday night and nothing happened! NOTHING! i thought for sure that i'd at least get yelled at. b/c russ likes to yell. but nothing happened. erika started her shift at 2 so i guess they asked her earlier. but they didn't ask me. and i didn't bring it up. later, erika, russ, and sunil were talking about the wire and how they had to call an electrician and that it cost alot and all. and russ kind of joked around with erika about not letting her near the wires. but erika's nice and cool and didn't say anything about my involvement. yay! not fired!
omg though, monday was days of our lives' 10,000th episode. and i forgot until i watched it. the very first scene was francis reid came on and said "hi, i'm francis reid and i play alice horton and i want to say thank you for watching days." i saw that and yelped and clapped. it made me happy that i was the only person at home. b/c i don't know what ppl's reactions would be if they saw me clapping and bouncing around for watching the 10,000th episode of days. haha.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

kaki king.. almost

today claudette and i went to san francisco to go to ameoba records on haight. we left santa cruz at about 1130 with the free show starting at 2pm. with that much time, you'd expect us to get there, eat lunch, and browse the store until the show started. but no. we got to san francisco a bit earlier than 1 and progressively got more and more lost. we finally got to the record store at about 3. after goin south on 101, north on 101, through some funky streets who knows where, and on embarcadero. i heart pier 39ish area. b/c i was going crazy driving around and not knowing where i was until the most beautiful sign in the world appeared to me. singing. "visitor information" llllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! the guy there told me very clear instructions but we inversed on of the directions and ended up going backwards. which wasn't all that bad. since we went down lombard street and up to coit tower instead. it was really pretty. it was such a nice day in sf. usually you have to deal with so much fog or cold. but it was really nice. sunny and pretty warm. but since the visitor information guy gave us a map, we were able to find haight pretty easily. we finally got to the store after the show ended. claudette bought some cd's and i got the kaki king cd. we also ate at a thai place. it wasn't all that bad. i'm not usually a big thai person but this was ok. it was a cute restaurant. and they didn't stop refilling the water. but it's ok. since it's lemon flavored. and i drank alot of it. then we came back. i was a bit disappointed that we missed kaki king but ok with it. since we had a good time otherwise. good times.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

my birthday

thanks to everyone who called to say happy birthday to me!! i felt so loved! apparently i'm birthday twins with pat benatar, george foreman, and rod stewart. cool stuff.
since my birthday fell on a monday, i went out with my friends on sunday. which really isn't that much better. well, better for me since i don't have monday classes. we went to tampico's (a really good mexican restaurant that everyone should try) and a couple bars. one b/c a couple of my friends know the bouncer and the other for dancing. too bad it was techno night..
i got cool presents too. i got a cookie cookbook from bailie and keir and a collection of hot sauces from claudette. she gave me about 6 different hot sauces. i think they're all mexican sauces. so i had to taste them all. i'm sure my stomach loved that combo.. mexican food, beer, and all six hot sauces. she got me cholula, picamas, el yucateco, tamazula, salsa huichol, and el pato. the one i liked the best is tamazula. she said that a random guy in the salsa aisle told her that tamazula was the best one. so she got it and he was right. it's a really good hot sauce. the el yucateco is the spiciest. the kind that lingers in your mouth and throat. i'm not so into that. i'm used to korean spicy food where it burns you then goes away. not so much burns you until you have tears in your eyes b/c you can't get the spicy out of your mouth. el pato tasted more vinagear-y than the others, and picamas and salsa huichol kinda tastes like tapatillo to me. although picamas is a bit thicker than salsa huichol and tapatillo. cholula is pretty good. a nice, americanize mexican hot sauce. they have it at pizza my hear and california pizza kitchen. all in all, very yummy presents. ;)
was it just me or was brad and jennifer's split painful for you? i mean, just the other day you were having a discussion about who's prettier (brad)
on another note, i think the new apprentice will be interesting. i don't really watch the show. i usually just watch bits and pieces and the last couple minutes to see who was fired. but i'd like to see a street smart person win over a book smart person.

Monday, January 03, 2005


i'm hooked on countdowns. if i find out there's a countdown on tv, i'll usually watch it. even if i've seen it before. like numbers 40-20 of E!'s top 101 worst red carpet moments. or if it's a stupid countdown. and since it's E! and VH1 repeat every episode 50 billion times, it's ok if you miss a few.
i think the thing i like about countdowns is that you start with 101 (if you're lucky.. usually you start in the middle) and go down to 1. and as you go down the list, you start to argue with the tv. "ashely judd should NOT be number 48 in the top 101 cute hollywood chicks!!". and then you get to number 1 "oh, yeah.. anjelina jolie is definatley number 1!" but i think that countdowns only work on tv. i really don't think that the radio should have countdowns. like 104.9 had a top 1000 songs of 2004 countdown on new year's eve. and 107.7 had the top 500 classic rock songs countdown. those really didn't work for me. i guess i need pictures.
but also, i was watching E! earlier today with claudette and she said something that i thought was interesting. she said that E! and VH1 and all those types of shows plant little seeds of ideas into our heads. like joan collin's was talking about what types of girls hot hollywood men go for. hot hollywood guys like colin farrel, lenny kravitz, and jerry o'connell. if joan collin's hadn't said lenny kravitz or jerry o'connell, i wouldn't have thought of them at al. there are lots of times that i forget about their existance. but i guess joan colins has different tastes. it's true for so many other things too though. who heard of paris hilton before VH1 and E! told everyone she's famous and fabulous? but it works on me. i'm the same person who will buy the "new and improved" goldfish because the package is now shiny and bright.