Monday, December 05, 2005

an unnatural facination with houses

someday, i want to live in lots of different types of houses. i've lived in a house, dorm, and apartment so far. but there are also times when i want to live in unconventional houses. even just temporarily. i want to make and live in and igloo. but then again, i have a romanticized vision of the arctic. that's a big reason why i can't go to alaska/the arctic in the winter. it would ruin the vision in my head of everyone living in igloos and eatting whale blubber. i know that people don't live in igloos anymore. but.... yeah. i've still got that romanticized vision. and i'm going to have to make an igloo someday and get that out of my system. but today, i discovered a different kind of house i want to make and live in. a yurt. i wouldn't want to live in it forever. just long enough to get that out of my system. but since it is used by nomads, i can collapse it and take it camping too! so yes. i've found a summer project.