Thursday, October 28, 2004

so, as my senior project, i have to research and write about the cost of food and its relationship to malnutrition (both under and over nutrition). so i decided to go to a bunch of markets in santa cruz to compare produce prices, make a survey for ppl to fill out, and interview some of the survey takers. so far, i've only gone to 3 markets and haven't even typed out the survey yet. ah well... i guess i should do that soon though. eh.. not too worried about it. i've trained myself to procrastinate successfully. clearly can't spell. but i can procrastinate.
so anyways, i went to safeway on monday to write down the prices. guess how long it took me. THREE HOURS!! why three?? well, it's probably got to do with the insane amount of produce, seeing someone i know and stopping to talk, and needing to take a break from writting down prices. also, for most produce, there was a price for club members and for non members. bah.. made me not want to go to the mexican market and whole foods-ish market today. but i went. b/c it had to be done. the mexican market frustrated me so much! why don't you have prices marked? and even if you do, why don't you write all the vegetable names in one language? (i'd prefer english but i guess their customers are mostly spanish speaking). but whatever. it's like the vegetables were pretending to be john kerry or something with all the flip flopping. the whole foods-ish market was cool though. didn't frustrate me. didn't make me go crazy. makes me feel better about going to other markets now. except that i know there's an albertson's. i see that taking three hours also. ah well.

side note: i'm watching leno as i write this and a guy is promoting his documentary. on comb overs!! hehehehehehe!!! i wanna watch it! were was i when this came out that i didn't know about it? it's called comb-over: the movie. HEHEHEHE!!!

i've decided that i want to be a piccaso painting for holloween. but i have to work until 10 on both saturday and sunday nights. i don't know if i'll end up doing it. it would be a cool costume though. i haven't decided if i want to be part of his blue period or if i want to go with his cubism yet. if i can't do it, someone should. but my friend might make a haunted house. so i might go off and visit. and my cousin, her husband, and baby are visiting for a week so i think i'll go home at some point to visit them or they'll come here to see my school. whichever. i want them to come here though. b/c i think santa cruz is pretty. where else can you be on a mountain on campus and still be about a mile away from the ocean?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

laundry and such

ok. i have know realized how important quarters are in life. they pay for parking meters, newspapers, gumball machines, and most importatly, washing and drying machines. so, on that note, how can a person run out of quarters? ESPECIALLY when a person just put in a load of clothes into the washing machine. so what does any sane person do when they realize they're fifty cents short of drying their clothes? first, frantically search the apartment for quarters, sit on the couch defeated, and watch an episode of roseanne. then, realize that the friendly neighborhood 7-11 is a short 3 blocks away. so off i go to buy a bag of chips for my senior seminar pot luck and a beef jerky stick for me. then after i pay, ask for the ones to be converted into quarters. then rush back to finish the episode of roseanne and off i go to dry my clothes. and so are the adventures of my life..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


i'm a workin gal now. i work at quizno's in downtown santa cruz. it's ok so far. but then again, i haven't officially worked there when customers were there. the store just opened yesterday. the only thing i can see a problem with the place is that the managers are 2 very disorganized people. i guess it's ok though. i can understand since they were frazzled about the opening and all. but still. i want to know that they have control over everything. ah well.
does anyone out there in cyberland use toothpicks? i just read that it's probably one of the oldest hominid habits. there are teeth that have grooves in them b/c of the grass stalks that were used as toothpicks. pretty cool huh? i wonder if we have those grooves from our toothpicks and flossing.

Monday, October 04, 2004

i hate being forgetful

today i went to longs because i knew that if i put it off until later today, i'd completely forget and realize a little too late that we don't have anymore toilet paper and that we need a set of mini screwdrivers. but worse than that, i don't remember my password to my own computer!! goodness. there's forgetful and just plain stupid. and i have no idea how to fix it. my computer is password protected and it can be changed every month or so. but over the summer i didn't need the computer so i never used it. then i turned on my neglected computer and realized that i don't remember the password. sometimes i amaze myself. narrrff... and to make it that much more interesting, i'm taking my senior seminar class this quarter where eventually i'll have to write a 15-20 page paper. i wonder if i can turn it in on post-its. anyways, i'm off until i can think of something equally as stupid or doubly funny to write about.