Monday, February 06, 2006

long time no post

it's been a while since i last posted. it became 2006, i had a birthday, and other stuff that i can't remember. but here's a few things that i did recently that i deemed blog-worthy.
i went on my first ever paid archaeology dig thing. that was exciting. except that it had rained the night before so i had to dry screen mud. basicly push mud through a giant strainer. i was so tired by the end of the day that i would see things that i should have taken out like charcoal and instead smushed it up so that it'd "disappear" or "accidentaly" let little shell pieces fall through the dry screen. and the mud was so compacted, it took forever to actually screen a full bucket load. wowzers was i tired and sore the next day.
i got stood up for a job interview. i was supposed to meet a guy so he could interview me but then he called me a couple hours later saying that he found someone else. then the next day i get a call from him again saying that the person he hired the day before doesn't know english well enough (it's a korean company so they probably had the whole interview in korean and the topic of english somehow never came up). so we set up an interview for the next day. 45 minutes before the interview, he called me and asks if we can have the interview sometime after 2. I say that's fine and wait for his call. but he never does. how rude is that? i was not happy about that at all. b/c i decided to go to the interview instead of doing another archaeology dig. so instead i cleaned the house. angrily.
i love the police blotter. i just read one from half moon bay.
"Miramontes Point Road., 6:26 am: Officers responded to reports of a boisterous customer at the Ritz-Carlton. When they arrived, the apparently intoxicated man introduced himself as 'Crazy' and said he was the hotel owner. He was booked into San Mateo County Jail." hahaha!!
it was my cousin's engagement party on saturday. that was fun. it was a cocktail party and jake brought whiskey. which i drank. alot. and later paid the price. but the party was fun because i'd never met pete's family. he's half japanese so you can tell which half is which. i guess you can say that for julie too. but i already know julie's family. we met one of pete's cousins who transfered to usc and is a communications major. she instantly became alice's role model.