Tuesday, December 09, 2008

living with boys

i've lived with boys since about july. but in july there were 3-4 boys and at least one other girl. and with 6 ppl, a cleaning lady, and some ppl living there for over 2 years, it makes it difficult to judge. the toilet seat was always down (someone must have trained them early) and the kitchen was always full of stuff. food stuff. some multiples of stuff. like 2 things of cinnamon sugar, 3 things of basil, 3 of oregano, etc. but with the number of ppl in the apartment, it's hard to tell if two ppl happened to buy the same thing at different times or if they are shopping amnesiacs.
now that i live with just two boys, i've noticed things. the toilet seat is sometimes up, the floor probably hasn't been swept/vacuumed in weeks, and the boys before me definitely had shopping amnesia. i was going through the cupboard just to see what the previous roommates left. there were SIX containers of Parmesan cheese. SIX! of varying sizes, shapes, and fullness. all open, of course. and 3 containers of oats. one was almost empty but the two others weren't even close. 4 cans of tuna but one was in the process of being opened. the flippy thing was pulled up but the lid wasn't peeled back. but.. why half open a can of tuna? oats, fine. they're less perishable. but tuna?? ew. and 3 bottles of maple syrup. all half empty or less. and then there are spices. i was actually impressed by the selection. there weren't many multiples just alot of types of seasoning salts. and allspice, pumpkin pie spice, and rosemary. i heard that one of the guys is engaged now so maybe the fiance decided to bake a pumpkin pie? but overall, these things don't really bother me. i just put the seat down when i use the toilet and wear shoes around the apt. and the kitchen is more amusing than anything else. although i would like it cleared out so i have space to put my stuff. my three different types of brown rice, 4 types of flours, two types of asian noodles, and two bags of black beans.