Thursday, November 20, 2008

wonky schedule

since i started working at the bakery, i've had a wonky schedule. i sleep when normal people are awake, i'm working when normal people are sleeping, and my weekend is during your workweek. sometimes i wake up at 1pm, other times it's 6pm. it all depends on when i actually fall asleep. and how much sleep my body thinks it needs. i range from 6-12 hours of sleep. i've grown used to it an accepted it. now that it's daylight savings, there are days when i don't see the sun. i'm not happy about it but if i really wanted to see the sun, i would set my alarm clock and make an effort to do it.

last night i went to sleep at around 1. i woke up at four and saw that it was already dark. i think it's because ny is higher up so it gets darker earlier. anyways, i see that it's four so i get up and get ready to go on a bunch of errands before work. i leave the apartment think "gee, it's really not busy out. it must be because it's so cold" and "wow, why aren't these restaurants open? isn't it profitable for them to be open for dinner?" and then a thought pops into my head. "oh god, is it four AM?!??" it's pretty much confirmed by the time i round the block and i see that the bar is closed.

but here's my question. what made me wake up in the first place and say "hey, i think 3 hours of sleep is good enough. let's go be productive today!" instead of the usual "ermm.. let's sleep a bit more"