Monday, July 23, 2007

i love bread

i love bread. it doesn't get the respect it deserves b/c so many ppl are anti-carb/starch/sugar/fat/yogurt/unicorns/blah. but whatever. i love bread. so much that i like to bake it too. and since i've been home alone, i've been bored at home alone. which really results in me baking or cooking. it's ridiculous since i'm home alone but making a meal for 4-6 ppl. it's a bit much.

i baked a beer bread that i didn't like. maybe i did it wrong but it was too dense and a bit salty. the recipe is easy enough though. next, i decided to bake a ricotta loaf (b/c i had ricotta). i like it. you can taste the ricotta, it's light, and yummy. i was a little worried since the recipe said to do it in either a food processor (don't own one) or a kitchen-aid stand mixer (too lazy to get it out of the box and set it up). i went with the next best thing: big bowl and a rice scooper paddle thing. but i really can't say anything bad about the bread. it's from The Bread Bible by Rose Levy Berenbaum, whom i love. i don't think i've ever baked a loaf from her book that turned out bad. the only problem is that i'm not sure what to do with the bread. will it be good as sandwich bread? what about putting garlic cheese on top? i don't know. which really means that i've just been eatting it in slices and not putting anything on top or in between them.

on a side note, as i walked to safeway to buy some butter, i found a bike leaning against a tree with its back tire missing. so now it's mine. i think in those circumstances, the bike is considered "up for grabs". so i grabbed.

Friday, July 13, 2007

back from tucson

so, i'm back from tucson (i actually came back mid-late june). it was ok. really hot and dry. we were working on a prehistoric native american site. it was pretty cool. i'd never even thought about doing archaeology in the southwest and now i have a bit of experience in it. the rocks and soils are pretty different.
i did end up going to that giants vs. diamondbacks game. giants won so that made us happy. i went with three other californians and one tucson boy. he was an honorary giants fan that day. :) my roommate, jen, lives near the scout for the nationals and roomed with barry bonds when they went to asu so he got us tickets behind third plate 30 rows up. i'm glad we weren't one or two sections away b/c two foul balls came through and i cannot catch/close my eyes when balls come near me.
on the last night that pamela was in tucson, we threw her a birthday party. we had pizza, a pinata, and cake. except the pinata was full of jolly ranchers, lemon ricola (b/c jen somehow contracted valley fever and she doesn't like the lemon flavored ones), and ginger cat cookies from trader joes. and the cake was "baked" by me in the microwave. without the aid of measuring equipment. which basically ment that the "cake" was more like a rubber ball. so of course i covered it with buttercream frosting. in tucson. where the temperature is hot enough to melt butter. yeah. well whatever. it was a fun little bday/going away party. :D
my cell phone is a sony ericsson walkman phone so i put a couple cds worth of korean music on it. but since att doesn't have the korean firmware, all i see in the playlist are the ever so helpful square boxes.
i met family who live in new jersey for the first time. for about four days my house turned into a hotel with both myself and kristin getting kicked out of our rooms. i think they're my second cousins. or third cousins once removed. not sure. there are two kids, one 13 and the other 6. kristin, alice, and i took them to great america. we all had a good time. minus the little bit when the 6 yr old cried b/c she got a little scared. to cheer her up, we took her onto another ride that also scared her. yeah, we're evil.