Monday, June 22, 2009

father's day

today was fathers day so i gave him a call. but he said he couldn't talk long. he was in the middle of a golf tournament.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new policy

so. i have a new policy. a no-talking-to-strangers policy. when i walk back to the subway after work, i tend to see the same people every week. most of them have no names. just identifiers. first i check to see if the psychic is still awake, if she's on the phone, or if her son is on the phone. then i walk past the econo lodge and see if the black girl is working or the asian girl is working. then i cross the street and wave to the mexican guy with the ponytail at the pizza shop. right next to the pizza place is a bar where there are usually three homelss guys. one gave me a rose. and then took it back after i told him i wasn't going to pay him $5 for it. another sells newspapers. free newspapers. he recently started talking to me and says that i'm always smiling. today i found out his name is truson. then there's omar, the porter at the edison hotel. then lue at the w hotel. and mohamed at the shish kebab stand right in front of the train station. it took a long time to know their names or even say anything more than "good morning". that's really what i wanted. a sesame street moment where we all wave hi and i head on home. now omar wants to hang out and lue wants to go on a picnic. but if i see these ppl away from their hotels, what will happen if we end up hating each other? then i have to find a new way to walk to the train. that's why i have my new policy. or i'm anti-social.

Monday, June 08, 2009

i met meeko. twice!

one day i was walking through central park when i saw a racoon walking around in the water (fishing, i assume) and i started taking pictures of it. then it realized i was there so it kinda hid from me. by climbing up the tree. and scared me a little since i had given up finding it again. so i took another picture of it, thanked it, and walked away. i'm not sure if the thank you was for letting me take its picture or for not attacking me and giving me rabies.
a few weeks later, i take another walk through central park and i see a group of people taking pictures of a tree. naturally, i go over to see what they're taking pictures of and see another raccoon in a hidey-hole. and then became one of the people making the poor noctural animal blind with camera flashes.

on a side note, you know what song line is stuck in my head right now? "do the helen keller and talk with your hips".