Monday, September 27, 2004

grape picking

on saturday bailie, philip, and i went to Rick's house to pick grapes. philip used to work for him before he started ucsc. rick only hires people from jc's. i guess because most other people probably wouldn't want to work on a farm/vineyard and such stuff. he has a small vineyard with cabernet and pinot noir grapes. we only picked the pinot grapes though. as a thank you he fed us lunch and dinner and gave us each six bottles of wine. too bad i don't know much about wine though. four other people that rick knows were picking too. two work for him and two are home brewers and were buying grapes from him. then we went up to the house and put the grapes through a grinder type thing. it basically split the grapes from the stems. it's hard work but fun to do too. after we cleaned, we played horseshoes. philip said that rick made him build a regulation sized horseshoe track thing and make it laser-level. but the ground is made of dirt and in the path of the creek if it overflows. i guess there will always be work for philip there. there was so much yummy food though. lunch was make your own sandwiches with different breads, mustards, meats, and cheeses! so many choices! and lots of beer, wine, and sodas. the beers were from all over. like france, Prague, italy, and more. it was crazy. i didn't even know you could buy beers from all over here. well, i know you can. i just didn't know people who did. for dinner we had tacos. rick made three different types of meats, homemade salsa from his garden, and mexican sour cream. it was so good! but what was even better was the dessert!! imagine a HUGE meringue cookie. then cut off the top crusty part, spread a thick coat of whipped cream and sliced strawberries on top, then put the crust back on. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmm!!
i'm taking a class called book arts. it's gonna be pretty interesting. but the professor is the first person i've ever met who actually whistles when he speaks. hehe!! i'm going to be very amused in the class.

Friday, September 17, 2004

i'm in santa cruz now

i moved into my apartment in santa cruz a couple weeks ago. it's been an interesting couple weeks. i live with claudette, also an anthropology major and ex-villager. we have a tv and 2 computers but no cable and no internet. it's more like decoration. if we were ikea, the tv and computers would be made out of cardboard.

i've been on the job hunt but not having much luck. i applied to retail jobs, bakeries, and even to ups. one of the requirements for ups is to lift 70 lbs. i hope they don't test that on me.. i haven't been called back. i did get an interview but i don't think that got me anywhere. ah well.

lately, i've been going to the gym around 1pm. not because i have nothing better to do or b/c the lunch crowd is gone. more because that's when days of our lives is on and i can watch it while i use the elipical machine. closed captioned of course.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

in sc now

i'm all moved into my apartment in santa cruz now. i got here mid afternoon on sunday. it turned out that that's not the best time to go to santa cruz. aparently, a silly holiday called labor day combined with a hot day made people want to go to the beach. those crazies. anyways, i am now officially on the job hunt. i wonder what i'll find. i hope it has flexible hours so i can work it around school.
on sunday the church service was about the experiences the mission team had in china. kristin was one of them. i thought the sermon was interesting but had alot of questions about the ethics that were invovled. the mission team was told not to contact people who could give away the fact that they are christian missionaries and they went to china under false pretenses and everything. but during the sermon, the pastor named names and after the sermon, there was a slide show presentation of their experiences. if the MISSIONARIES can't let the chinese government know that they are christian, wouldn't the people who actually live in china be more in danger? the pastor got verbal consent from the people who participated but they might not know that the photos and all that such stuff can get themselves identified by the government and sent to jail. i guess it sounds a bit far fetched but being an anthropology major makes you have to sit through alot alot alot of ethics lectures and things related to ethical treatment of participants. also, it's just safer that way i guess. nobody goes to jail this way.