Monday, April 04, 2005

bumper stickers

on my walk to work i read alot of different bumper stickers. really, whenever i see a bumper sticker i have to read it. some are funny, some are political, some confuse me.
the funny ones i like. like there's one that says "what the fuck am i thinking?" with michael jackson's picture right next to it. or "shut up hippie". i know there are others that are funnier but i can't think of them right now.
it's the political ones i wonder about. like all the cars that have kerry/edwards stickers. what's going to happen to them? i mean, it's not like they'll run ever again. all it says is that in 2004, you voted for the losing team. or proposition 208. from when? 1996? but if it's a political issue, i guess that's ok. like putting up a pro-life sticker or something. things that will be debatable forever and clearly state your position.
the confusing ones say "flirt harder. i'm a physicist." i really don't get that one. do i have to be a physicist to understand it? i've only taken high school physics so i have no idea what flirting has to do with anything physics related. there's another one that has to do with being a scientist. i don't remember it right now though. i think it said "back off man, i'm a scientist". does that mean not to tailgate because you're a scientist? b/c i don't think that being a scientist will stop ppl from tailgating you. i know it doesn't stop me. and how do i know that you reall are a scientist? and then there are some bumper stickers that i want. like "keep santa cruz weird" or "i love santa cruz diner". and some i don't want. like the ones about being a goddess or whatever. the only thing is, i don't think i'd ever put bumper stickers on my car. b/c i know that if i have one, i'll want another. and another. and another. then i'll become THAT car. the one with more bumper sticker than paint on it. and that's just not pretty. and it's a traffic hazard.


Sean said...

In regards to the "flirt harder I'm a physicist", I took it to mean that as a physicist, the individual, being socially inept, doesn't realize when someone is hitting on him, so the flirter needs to make it obvious by...flirting harder. Watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory, you'll get it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you saw my truck..."Back off man, I'm a scientist" is a quote from Ghostbusters. The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (of which I am a member)uses it as their catch phrase. :-)