Saturday, August 15, 2009


today actually felt like summer. the sun was out, the air was warm, and not a cloud in sight. it was lovely. especially after the shitty summer we have been having. so today i decided to take a walk through central park when a guy walks past me and asks if i'm taking a hallucinogen or some other drug. i didn't know how to respond to that so i just gave him a weird look and kept walking. then as he's walking away, he says "you must be on a hallucinogen because why else wouldn't you find me attractive?". um. maybe because you asked me if i'm high? just throwing that out there. you know, as a possible reason.


Jane said...

hahaha, gotta love the nyc weirdos :)

MAJOR FOMO said...

ca weather is the best hands down. i think the ppl are better too.